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Not the greatest set of pictures in the world, but they’re clear enough to see where the hands of both players were when the ball was coming down. Again, thank you poster cbi1972.

There is also this, which should help to close this debate. Well, I know there will be Bama haters out there that would never allow themselves to admit the truth.


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  1. Joe blow Says:

    I recorded the LF game, and have the ESPN replays recorded as well. The ESPN replay is actually clearer. I’ve slow-mo’ed, freeze-framed, zoomed in, etc… You can see the Ole Miss player’s left hand in front of the Bama player’s hands in the second frame, but it does not hit that hand (there are several frames after this one). It hits the Bama player’s right hand first, which is on the inside of OM’s right hand. The ball moves like it touched the Bama DB’s right hand after initial contact. Either way, it’s not “indisputable evidence”…much like the kickoff return in the UF/LSU game.

    Does it really matter? No. Old coach’s cliche…had OM executed better earlier in the game, they wouldn’t have needed to score on the final drive to end the game. It sure is fun to talk about, though. 🙂

  2. Jodie Says:

    Is it a close call either way, of course it is. But anyone who says it is indisputable is delusional… which is the requirement to overturn the call. An SEC OFFICE apology cometh…

  3. The Hog Blogger » Cellar Dwell-Off Tomorrow? Says:

    […] year the Hogs will face a team with a chip on its shoulder, angry about a call they believe cost them the game last week. As a matter of fact, you could almost say…Colonel Reb’ is […]

  4. TideDruid Says:

    SEC apology not cometh

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