BCS National Championship

I’ll briefly update with random thoughts throughout the game.

If you listen to ESPN radio, you get to hear about how poor, poor Ohio State has been overlooked by the media. If you watch ESPN, you get to hear about how poor, poor Ohio State is being overlooked by people, as our resident Big 10 analysts pick tOSU. My pick?

LSU 24, Ohio State 20

I wouldn’t be shocked if Ohio State wins. If they do, it’ll only help to prove how the Big 10 is a two team conference in Ohio State and Michigan.

BTW, why in the world is Urban Meyer there? I know he grew up in Ohio, but this is ridiculous.




LSU’s Defense gives up a 65 yard TD, which means Pelini might have corn on the brain. I’m starting to think that LSU is going to bring their Alabama and Arkansas performances to the game. They might just be used to being physically better than everyone else.

7-0 Ohio State


I am not shocked Ohio State came to play, I am shocked at how poor of a job LSU did in planning for this game. Has “The Hat” lost his mojo? I think I’ll just stop using “UPDATE” every time I type something.

10-0 Ohio State

LSU finally woke up and got a good drive down the field, only to enjoy the aftershock of a busted play or two.

10-3 Ohio State

Well, them Bengal Tigahs have evened things up. Time to see how fired up Ohio State actually is after giving up a 10-0 lead.

10-10 all

It’s halftime, with the score standing at 24-10 LSU. Can the Buckeyes rebound in the 2nd half? Or will this be another egg for Jim Tressel?

It’s only a matter of time before LSU gets their 3rd National Championship. Congrats to the Tigahs. The score is currently 31-17, but that doesn’t reflect the amount of dominating LSU actually did in this game. Just think Big 10 fans, it really could’ve been a lot worse for you.

Final Score: LSU 38, Ohio State 24

The Buckeyes got a garbage TD to make it look better than it actually was. LSU fell behind 10-0, but came back and pounded OSU 38-14. Congrats to Les Miles and the LSU players, you earned it. Sure, you’re the first 2 loss BCS champ ever, but don’t let it get you too down. All you have to do now is withstand the ESPN push for USC to get the AP title.

LSU vs. Ohio State

All week long, we’ve had to hear about the poor, poor Big 10 suffering from stereotypes about how slow these midwestern teams are compared to that SEC speed. We’ve heard whiners, complainers, and Kirk Herbstreit (he’s complained and whined enough to earn his own category).

Well boo-hoo baby buckeyes. Try living with a stereotype your entire life, then give me a call. Admit it, some of you have made Cajun and southern jokes these past two seasons, only to see your team rack up an 0-8 record against SEC teams…. and you’ve only had to deal with this “SEC Speed” stuff for 1 year!

In fact, it has been so rough for you, half of the sports personalities seem to be picking you because they all feel that you’re being ignored. Question: If one is to be ignored, shouldn’t a majority of the world actually ignore you?

In short, I don’t care what amount of gloating you may do if you win on Monday, because you’ve only had to deal with a mild amount of crap.

Anywho, give me your picks: LSU or Ohio State?

Bill Stewart, Eh?

It was somewhat boring watching the Fiesta Bowl as a neutral party. Still, it was probably the best BCS game to date. I just hope Mangino and Beamer can give us a tight and dramatic game.

Congrats should be offered to West Virginia for knocking Oklahoma on the ground, stealing Bob’s visor, and running all the way back home to Morgantown with a strange gold football held by Bill Stewart.

This is the only time I will ever post this logo

Speaking of Bill Stewart, I personally think Alabama might want to at least call this guy to fill Ron Middleton’s position as the Special Teams/Tight Ends coach, which is the exact same position Stewart held under Rich Rodriguez. Of course, it all depends on if WVU either: A) Hires Stewart as the Head Coach, although he won’t have Rod’s staff like he did this game… or, B) Begs him to stick around in Morgantown for the new coach. I think he would have a solid upside in recruiting since he could point to this Fiesta Bowl.

As for Bob Stoops…. there’s a reason he’s earned the dubious nickname “Big Game Bob”. Maybe BCS stands for “Bob Can’t Succeed”, because it seems that as soon as Oklahoma gets a BCS bid these days, his team automatically gets about 10 times slower.

Struggling Through the BCS

Another match-up tonight that may or may not end up like the last two BCS games, depending on whether or not WVU vomits all over themselves. Then to the Orange Bowl….. which is not looking so hot at this point. Oh well, at least the BCS Title Game should give us something of interest…

30-24 Alabama Wins!

We win! Excuse me…. WE WEEEEEEHUUN! That’s more like it.

I almost forgot what this felt like. I gotta admit, even though I am pretty disappointed in the season as a whole, it is a calming feeling to avoid back-to-back losing seasons, something we haven’t had to suffered through in over 50 years. It all comes down to that ULM loss (we played like we did against ULM in the last 5 minutes of the 1st half btw), which really dampened our spirits. If we actually show some mental toughness (which Saban harps on… a lot. Where was that then coach?), we would’ve easily won that game. But such is life. I’ll share my thoughts on this game performance tomorrow.

I do want to give Colorado a big thumbs up for a comeback that was a lateral too short. Dan Hawkins is a solid coach, and I’m pretty sure he will have you bouncing back in no time. I imagine the Buffaloes will win enough games to avoid Shreveport next year, so keep the faith alive citizens of Boulder. I should also say something about Ralphie…. he’s all that AND a bag of chips. Roll Tide and Go Buffs!

We won a punch bowl! HUZZAH!

By the way, I realized that I forgot to give you my pick for the game, which is a pretty ignorant thing to do. Honestly, I predicted Alabama by 3 (I was aiming for 24-21), so a 6 point win should probably make me happy…. I guess. 7-6 isn’t going to win you anything, but it is a positive for the off-season to avoid the stress of a 2nd straight 6-7 season. Plus, we can focus on recruiting, which is looking very promising right now.

(Picture from The Shreveport Times)

Independence Bowl Breakdown

I forgot to actually post something, so here is the Rivals.com Independence Bowl breakdown with an article bashing 6-6 teams.

(HT: Rivals.com)

Independence Bowl Alabama vs. Colorado
Alabama run offense vs. Colorado run defense
EDGE: Alabama Alabama TB Terry Grant has rushed for 891 yards this year, though he did much of his damage in the first four weeks of the season. Grant could find plenty of running room against a Colorado defense that has allowed nearly 4 yards per carry.
Alabama pass offense vs. Colorado pass defense
EDGE: Colorado Colorado is 101st in the nation in pass defense, but that’s a bit misleading. Because Big 12 teams throw the ball so often, six of its members are ranked 100th or below in pass defense. Colorado has enough talent in its secondary to bother Alabama quarterback John Parker Wilson, who has thrown five interceptions with only one touchdown pass in his past three games.
Colorado run offense vs. Alabama run defense
EDGE: Colorado Hugh Charles rushed for at least 100 yards in four consecutive games during one midseason stretch and closed the regular season with a 169-yard performance against Nebraska. It will be interesting to see how well Charles fares against an Alabama defense that allows less than 3.5 yards per carry.
Colorado pass offense vs. Alabama pass defense
EDGE: Alabama Colorado QB Cody Hawkins played better as the season wore on, but he still has 15 interceptions. He must avoid turnovers against an Alabama defense that has picked off 17 passes this season. Hawkins also must watch out for Alabama E Wallace Gilberry , who has 17.5 tackles for loss in his past seven games.
Alabama special teams vs. Colorado special teams
EDGE: Alabama Alabama’s Leigh Tiffin has gone 22 of 31 on field-goal attempts, while P.J. Fitzgerald averages 38.2 yards per punt. Colorado’s Kevin Eberhart is 15 of 23 on field-goal attempts, while Matt DiLallo averages 40.1 yards per punt. Colorado doesn’t have a return man quite as strong as Alabama’s Javier Arenas, who has averaged 15.4 yards per punt return this season.
Alabama coaching staff vs. Colorado coaching staff
EDGE: Alabama Dan Hawkins did an exceptional job at Boise State and quickly has rebuilt Colorado’s program, but he doesn’t have Nick Saban‘s national championship background.
Alabama will win if
Wilson must reverse the late-season slide that helped cause the Tide to lose their last four games. In a best-case scenario, Grant runs so effectively that it takes some of the pressure off Wilson.
Colorado will win if
The Buffaloes need their defense to play better than it did down the stretch. Colorado has given up 137 points in its past three games. Colorado’s offense is good enough to score in the 20s against Alabama. If the Buffs have to score in the 30s or 40s, they probably won’t win.
Most teams don’t expect their defensive tackles to do any more than stop the running game, but Colorado’s George Hypolite gives the Buffaloes a pass rusher in the middle of the line. Hypolite leads Colorado with six sacks and had two each in games against Florida State and Iowa State. Alabama could have trouble winning this game if Hypolite spends much time in the Tide’s backfield.

SEC Bowl Picks

The SEC Bowl games start this coming Sunday night as Alabama faces Colorado. I’ll save my Independence Bowl pick for later since it involves the team I love so much. Here we go:

Kentucky vs. Florida State

This is a pretty easy choice if you ask me. Florida State will now be missing 36 players due to injuries and that nasty cheating scandal. (seriously, how will the NCAA handle this compared to how they dealt with a now dead booster paying Lynn Lang to get Albert Means to play for Alabama? I doubt they’ll get much of anything, just like USC will get next to nothing because of Reggie Bush). Kentucky can run with the best of them on offense, and FSU will certainly provide us with an anemic offense. From what I saw of Florida State earlier in the season, I imagine UK should get the victory, although FSU might get a few pity points.

Score: Kentucky 38, Florida State 10

Mississippi State vs. Central Florida

For all of the Alabama fans complaining about going to Shreveport, I still believe it is better than the alternative. Central Florida is a dangerous team, and the risk of losing to another smaller conference this season isn’t something we need right now (yes, I am not afraid to admit this). Mississippi State handled Felix Jones and Darren McFadden pretty well, so I imagine this RB named Kevin Smith won’t rush for 300+ yards like he did against Tulsa. Still, he should be a handful. The Bulldogs biggest concern should be their offensive production, which is abysmal. They won plenty of games because of dumb turnovers by the opposing teams, but really can’t seem to get their pass and run games going at the same time. Still, MSU will have a soft UCF defense to go against, so I’ll stick with the Bulldogs.

Score: Mississippi State 27, Central Florida 21

Auburn vs. Clemson

This should be an interesting game since Auburn is bringing in a new offense. A lot of Auburn fans have been talking about Tommy’s new toy in Tony Franklin, who has been installing a bare-bones version of his offense (with a little West Coast) to get a jump start for next season. Auburn will bring another solid defense with Muschamp staying around for at least one more season. They’ll need it since Clemson has been known to score plenty of points. But, there seems to be a deal with Tommy Bowden where he messes up a game that you originally think he might win (see Georgia Tech this season). I don’t think the SC Tigers are huge favorites over the AL Tigers, but you never know with this guy. He should attack that Auburn secondary in order to open up the run for his two big time RBs. The big X factor in this game is the new spread for Auburn. I really want to pick Clemson, but Auburn has this ability to win games you don’t expect them to win. So, I’m picking the Auburn Tigers.

Score: Auburn 24, Clemson 20

Arkansas vs. Missouri

Arkansas, (Our partners in taking away NFL coaches from bad situations), is coming into this game with an interim head coach. That’s yet another comparison between 2006 Alabama and 2007 Arkansas, but we’re here to talk about a bowl game. Missouri should be in a BCS bowl game, but got screwed after Kansas got picked for the Orange Bowl. I respect Reggie Herring as a defensive mind (although he ran man-to-man way too much in my opinion), but I don’t think he can handle calling a complete game and trying to take down Chase Daniel. Missouri did allow a butt load of points to Oklahoma (butt load= a ton….. what? you doubt me?). But, a majority of the Arkansas coaches have Oxford on their minds, so I’m going with the Tigers.

Score: Missouri 28, Arkansas 17

Tennessee vs. Wisconsin

David Cutcliffe is going to Durham, Tennessee has 6 players out for poor academic performances, and they have to play the Wisconsin Badgers (winners of 40 games in 4 years). What a strange off season for Tennessee. I know we SEC fans don’t like the Big 10, but Wisconsin is capable of beating a the runner up in the SEC with that monster sized O-line (see Arkansas last season). With the amount of turmoil in Knoxville, this should be a challenge for Fulmer and company. Still, Wisconsin is capable of giving up a large amount of points depending on how they feel, and Tennessee is capable of scoring plenty of points depending on how Erik Ainge feels. I tend to think that this Tennessee team is one of the most up & down teams of the season, so I’ll pick the Vols.

Score: Tennessee 24, Wisconsin 17

Florida vs. Michigan

It’s the last game for the old Michigan, and the first game for Tim Tebow as Mr. Heisman. I know people are expecting a blowout victory for the Gators, but I don’t see that happening. I certainly expect Florida to win, but I doubt you’ll see Michigan allow themselves to lose by 20 to 30 points since this is Lloyd Carr’s last game. I’m not much of a “win one for the Gipper” kind of guy, but his retirement has to be a motivating factor for this program somehow. Still, I don’t think they’ll have enough in them to get it done since a lot of the assistant coaches might be a little depressed after being fired by Rich Rodriguez. The Wolverines hate to defend the Spread, and the Gators are good at it.

Score: Florida 34, Michigan 20

All-State Sugar Bowl
Georgia vs. Hawai’i

The Bulldogs probably have the best argument for the teams left out of the BCS title game. Still, they best not rest on their laurels, or else Hawaii could give them an “L” in New Orleans. Colt Brennan is a good QB, but he and the Warriors seem to have issues whenever they approach the Mississippi River. I was witness to this in Tuscaloosa last season, although Hawaii was able to move the ball fairly well. Still, the Bulldogs have two big time threats of offense themselves (Moreno and Stafford). I say Georgia wins, upsetting half of the personalities on ESPN.

Score: Georgia 38, Hawai’i 28

BCS National Championship Game

I’ll save this one for another day. It’s LSU vs. Ohio State, and deserves its own post.

So, do you agree with me or not? Feel free to leave a comment in order to praise me or call me an SEC homer.

Bowl Kick-off Tonight

8:00 pm Central time of course. It’s not the most attractive match-up based on the teams, but it is the first bowl game, so that will draw a decent crowd. Any thoughts on who will win? I’m thinking Utah.

Are You Motivated?

We’ve got close to 2 weeks to go until our Independence Bowl match-up against Colorado. The Buffaloes seem excited since they went 2-10 last season. I guess Shreveport is better than nothing huh? In fact, one member of the Boulder media is wondering if Alabama will be less than motivated when December 30th rolls around:

On the surface, at least, Colorado should have no problem in the motivation department. A modestly successful season, a game against one of college football’s storied programs and the chance for a winning record are on the table.

In short, it’s the chance for the Buffs to continue to push the program in the right direction. There’s plenty at stake from their end.

It is the Crimson Tide that will be a question mark.

A team that started out 6-2 was at one time ranked No. 17 in the nation after a 41-17 win over Tennessee. But then came four consecutive losses down the stretch, including a defeat at the hands of Louisiana-Monroe, followed by a bitter loss to rival Auburn.

Any way you draw it up, it’s a disappointing season for the Crimson Tide. Throw in the fact that the seniors likely have little allegiance to first-year coach Nick Saban, plus the Tide players can’t be happy about returning to Shreveport, La., for the second straight year, and you have to wonder how high the Tide will be.

Motivation can be a bit of an issue at times., although there is a big enough break to get over whatever happened during the regular season.

One could also argue that this group of seniors will be highly motivated to avoid a 6-7 season for the second straight year. Besides, Colorado might show up and be a little too happy to be in an actual bowl game, while Alabama will show up wanting to get down to business since we’ve been to 4 straight. You could pretty much argue that both sides are motivated, although it is really pointless.

Motivation should never be an excuse for a team like Alabama. If it were, you would’ve never heard one word of outrage from the media and fans after the ULM lose. We’re not as demanding as we’ve been portrayed (Shula would’ve stayed had he fired his OC), but we certainly expect a good effort in preparation and performance. If we had to deal with a coach saying “Well….. we weren’t exactly motivated enough to win. Sorry about that….” the entire town of Tuscaloosa would go crazy. Coaches are paid motivators, and they should produce a motivated team. I think every SEC program would agree with me.

(HT: BuffZone.com-Neill Woelk)

It’s The Buffs

Ask and you shall receive I guess. I wanted to play Colorado if we went to the Independence Bowl, and it looks like my wish came true. I’ve always liked Colorado, so this should be an interesting match-up. I’ll be busy this morning, so I leave you with a video that should help you attain an idea of what the game atmosphere is like in Boulder, Colorado.