About me

If you need to contact me, do so at TideDruid @ Gmail dot com

I am simply a college student in mind and body at this point. Hopefully I’ll get to see another national title in my lifetime, one that I will actually be able to remember more about (I was 7 in 1992). I will be an alumni of UA after this coming Spring in 2008. For now, I’m just a simple blogger with simple jokes.

The inspiration for the name Tide Druid came from the following:

1. I am an Alabama fan, hence the use of Tide.

2. I am a native of Tuscaloosa, Alabama. The nickname for Tuscaloosa– other than T-town– is the ‘Druid City.’ So, I took the word Druid and mixed it with Tide. Viola!

7 Responses to “About me”

  1. tidedruid Says:

    I am a Tide fan that, well…. likes Alabama athletics. So I decided to become an obscure Tide blogger.

  2. WesCrimson Says:

    But will you be a senior in the Fall and what about accounting?

  3. Newspaper Hack Says:

    I was seven in 1989. That, another Sugar Bowl against Miami, didn’t end up so well. 1992 was a lot of fun, though. I mean, Bama had to struggle in a few games, but one win piled onto another and that’s how 13 wins are done. That, and the best defense in my lifetime.

  4. wescrimson Says:

    Oh hi TD, this will have to pass for the “letter to the editor” section. I had trouble making a comment a few minutes ago. I had originally been able just enter my screen name in the appropriate box and type in my comment. But now I was faced with a request from WordPress in a dialog box, requesting that I sign in before I could even see the comment box.

    Well I did go over to


    by clicking their name at the bottom of the page and was quickly able to get signed up. Well I say that, but I did first try to log in with my Google password and name but that did not work. And after thinking about it for a minutes or two I then decided to go to WordPress and set up a password. They e-mailed it to me immediately and somehow afterward I was automatically logged in without having to enter anything in yet. Maybe next time.

    The point has finally arrived. This change looks like it took place in the last day or two, but then I just cleaned out the “cookies” in my computer and it could have just hit me later than others. At some appropriate place or two, TD you may want to inform your readers on how to sign in and then be able to comment. This comment here will hopefully sink into the depths being covered by many more comments from others.

  5. TideDruid Says:

    The issue has been handled. You should be able to sign in the old way.

  6. loserswithsocks Says:

    Hey man – did you know that Jai at “losers with socks” edits your comments if he doesn’t like them? You need to be careful – he will create stuff “from” you out of whole cloth . . . .you may want to keep an eye on any postings you make there

  7. be careful where you post Says:

    I saw that you have posted at “loserswithsocks” that you have noticed complaints about how they post phony “postings” are being attributed to anybody who does not bash Alabama on cue. It isn’t just “newspapaer hack” this happens to. I think it is cowardly, but they make no effort to rein it in; instead they will tell you “It’s Jai’s blog – he can mess with your posts if he wants.” So I would be very careful to watch what they do with your posts if you choose to post there.

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