I Have A Reason To Watch Baseball

Why? Because, the Colorado Rockies have made the playoffs as the National League Wild Card. The regular season of baseball is one of the most boring seasons in the history of sports. But, the playoffs are alway entertaining (at least for me). Getting to watch playoff baseball at Coors Field? I sense some high scoring games. I need something to keep me from studying when there is no football on TV. Besides, the Padres were wearing their ugly uniforms.

Don’t let me down


Fan Might Keep 756

The fan that caught the 756th home run by Barry Bonds may keep it (can you say taxes?)

If he keeps it, I can’t imagine the IRS will want to deal with a black eye by forcing the man to pay $200,000+ for just keeping a baseball.

I’m sure nobody saw this coming

Barry says it ain’t worth it.

The Required 756 Post

So Barry Bonds has finally done it. The San Francisco Giant slugger has passed Hank Aaron’s record of 755 home runs. Is a * required? Some say yes, others say no.

* : The artist formerly known as Barry Bonds?

All I know is Mike Bacsik (Nationals pitcher) needs a hug because he may have to hear about this for a long, long time. Bacsik’s head immediately sunk when he saw Bonds hit that ball. It certainly wasn’t the best pitch I’ve ever seen (Bacsik would probably agree with me). For those of you wondering, Hank Aaron his 715 against Al Downing. Maybe Al should give Mike a phone call.

Watch closely as the slugger stalks his prey.

Matt Murphy from Queens, New York caught #756. There are two things strange about his story: A) He and a buddy were going to Australia and had to stay the night in San Fran. They decided to buy the tickets on a whim. B) The guy is a Mets fan! He was wearing a New York Mets jersey when he caught the ball.

BTW, an anti-steroids commercial just came on during the Giants-Nats game. Irony, thy name is ESPN 2.

As for the steroids allegations, all I can say is this. While they are important in the grand scheme of things, they don’t mean a thing tonight. Give Bonds a few days of glory before raking him over the coals. And yes, I do believe he used steroids.

Bonds and Taxes

So there is some scuttlebutt about Barry Bonds and taxes. No, he’s not going to count possible steroids on his Form 1040; I’m talking about the 756th home run ball he hits that breaks Hank Aaron’s record.


There is a debate going on about the person that catches Barry’s ball and what he/she might have to pay in taxes. From the Wall Street Journal:

As Barry Bonds closes in on Hank Aaron’s home-run record, a fun tax-law question looms: If you’re the lucky fan who catches the record-breaking home run ball, what are the tax consequences?

“Everyone’s sure they know the right answer, but there’s very little agreement” on what it is, tax lawyer Phillip Mann of Miller & Chevalier tells the WSJ’s Tom Herman in this article. Here are the choices:

1. The fan who catches the historic ball shouldn’t owe tax until he or she sells it. This is the common sense view, though as Herman points out common sense sometimes doesn’t comport with the tax code.
2. It’s taxable income to the fan the instant that person catches the ball because it’s “accession to wealth.” This view logically stems from cases saying that someone who finds a “treasure trove” owes tax on it right away.

There’s a host of related questions raised by Herman about the ball, which is expected to be worth in the half-million dollar range. Will the IRS require the fan to pay tax immediately, based upon the ball’s estimated fair-market value; or only after the fan sells the ball? Will the fan have to pay tax based on regular federal income-tax rates, or if the fan waits a year to sell the ball, would any profit qualify as a long-term capital gain? And if it qualifies as a long-term capital gain, what would the fan’s cost be for tax purposes?

The IRS refuses to comment on the matter. Herman asked IRS chief counsel and baseball fanatic Don Korb, who responded, “Please, whatever you do, don’t ask me that question.”

So, the IRS Chief Counsel really doesn’t know what to do. The IRS should probably just stick with the statement they made about Mark McGwire’s & Sammy Sosa’s 1998 HR Debry (at least when it comes to the gift tax):
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The Druid is BIG in Philly

Well, I hit a small milestone today. I’ve officially had 10,000 visits to my weblog. While there has been little fanfare from the average Alabama fan, I have gotten some attention in the Quaker State. I guess I’m big in Philadelphia.


The build-up to this historic event was truly amazing. I’ve never seen so much excitement for this blog in the few months of existence…
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The Heir Apparent To Wells?

It appears that Mitch Gaspard is coming back to the Alabama baseball team as an assistant coach. Gapsard was the Baseball Coach at Northwestern State. Current UA assistant Joe Raccuia is expected to take a job at his alma mater, Radford University. You may remember that during Jim Well’s “retirement” that Gaspard was one of the candidates for the Alabama job.

I know I may just be looking into this more than I should, but I have to wonder if Gaspard is going to be the next Head Baseball Coach at Alabama. Will Jim Wells leave in another 2-3 years and hand over the job to Gaspard? I can’t say for now.

Jims Wells Replaced By… Jim Wells!

Jim Wells is coming back. I can’t really say I’m jumping for joy after hearing this, but I guess this is better than not having a coach at all.

Personally, I think it was time for new blood. Jim still had a level of respect from many of the Bama fans, no matter what they were saying just after the season. Now, he’s gone and ruined whatever credibility he had with this flip flop.

At some jobs, they would call that retirement a vacation Jim.

So the all-time baseball wins leader in Alabama history is coming back, and the fans are shaking their heads…. or fists. I can’t tell really, I’m too busy finding a hole to stick my head in. Oh well, go get ’em Jimmy.


After thinking about this for a few minutes, I have a to wonder if Mal Moore gave his full effort on this coaching search or not. Could it be that after the football search he is still extremely worn out mentally? Is he refusing to admit that he needs to retire while letting his responsibilities slip? Was this Wells wanting to come back, or Moore asking him to stay around until he himself leaves? Please share your thoughts as well.