Your Picture of the Day

Even when you try your best, you can’t make this stuff up sometimes. (SOURCE)


Hats Off Mr. Jay Bilas

You’ve done something many of us have wanted to do every time we’ve had to suffer this PTI substitute on our airwaves.

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An Off Day

I’ll try to get something of greater importance up later in the day. I currently have no clue what the talk about or post that doesn’t involve recruiting (I’m trying to limit myself because I know that stuff can get old….. right?). So for now, enjoy Carl from Aqua Teen Hunger Force as he reviews a few of the Giants most impossible victories of the NFL playoffs. Giants win!

Bubba Hog

Gotta admit, I am not looking forward to watching this Alabama basketball team play in Fayetteville, where we saw a lose of epic proportions last year. It was awful and made me want to take a shower it was such a pounding. With the addition of a good coach in John Pelphrey, I imagine the Hogs shouldn’t have too much trouble taking us to the cleaners yet again. Our best hope might honestly be in Tuscaloosa, even though the baby Gators beat Alabama there the other day.

But don’t fear, for there will always be one faithful Hog that will always make me feel better about myself and my fan base. His name is Bubba Hog, and he is the antithesis of sexy.

I understand his act is merely meant as a joke, a satirized version of the redneck/hillbilly stereotype if you will. But still, we need to avoid strange people since this guy won’t go away. (He’s worse than that creepy Ole Miss fan who wears the old Colonel Reb mascot outfit to every Ole Miss game. Seriously, I saw him in the nosebleeds of Coleman with that outfit on, and he was just standing there not moving at all. He was just watching me sweat in fear). Oh well, to each his own.

Weekend Humor

I have to admit, I got a good chuckle out of this one. Courtesy of Kissing Suzy Kolber….

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What’s it like to be a Bama fan today?

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Saban Isn’t Childproof

It appears they’re starting the Saban hate early in Tigerland: