Your Picture of the Day

Even when you try your best, you can’t make this stuff up sometimes. (SOURCE)

Hats Off Mr. Jay Bilas

You’ve done something many of us have wanted to do every time we’ve had to suffer this PTI substitute on our airwaves.

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An Off Day

I’ll try to get something of greater importance up later in the day. I currently have no clue what the talk about or post that doesn’t involve recruiting (I’m trying to limit myself because I know that stuff can get old….. right?). So for now, enjoy Carl from Aqua Teen Hunger Force as he reviews a few of the Giants most impossible victories of the NFL playoffs. Giants win!

Bubba Hog

Gotta admit, I am not looking forward to watching this Alabama basketball team play in Fayetteville, where we saw a lose of epic proportions last year. It was awful and made me want to take a shower it was such a pounding. With the addition of a good coach in John Pelphrey, I imagine the Hogs shouldn’t have too much trouble taking us to the cleaners yet again. Our best hope might honestly be in Tuscaloosa, even though the baby Gators beat Alabama there the other day.

But don’t fear, for there will always be one faithful Hog that will always make me feel better about myself and my fan base. His name is Bubba Hog, and he is the antithesis of sexy.

I understand his act is merely meant as a joke, a satirized version of the redneck/hillbilly stereotype if you will. But still, we need to avoid strange people since this guy won’t go away. (He’s worse than that creepy Ole Miss fan who wears the old Colonel Reb mascot outfit to every Ole Miss game. Seriously, I saw him in the nosebleeds of Coleman with that outfit on, and he was just standing there not moving at all. He was just watching me sweat in fear). Oh well, to each his own.

Weekend Humor

I have to admit, I got a good chuckle out of this one. Courtesy of Kissing Suzy Kolber….

(HT: Kissing Suzy Kolber)


What’s it like to be a Bama fan today?

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Saban Isn’t Childproof

It appears they’re starting the Saban hate early in Tigerland:

USC Mock Thread

Observations While I Was Not Posting

I apologize for not posting as often this week. I’ve had 3 midterms in 7 days, which can be pretty stressful at times. But such is life, so I can’t really complain too much. I could be worse off.

So while I was wasting time trying to keep myself from actually studying, I came across this conversation post on

5:12:02 PM Holly: Billy Donovan’s head looks so TINY, introducing those players. Couldn’t they have gotten him a smaller circle?
5:15:14 PM Livia: WHAT THE HELL
5:15:46 PM Holly: Does Starkville count? Probably nt.
5:16:31 PM Livia: Florida should just put garlic in their helmets
5:16:36 PM Holly: and sleep with cross.

Is Brandon Cox a vampire, feeding on the poor freshman of Auburn? Well, I’m not so sure about that. Auburn has played an 11:30 am game. Although it would be cool to see Cox swoop in and suck the life out of the next Tight End to drop an open pass….. watch your back Tommy Trott. Still, I think the answer is pretty obvious.

Nick Saban apparently got Jim Leavitt’s attention after making these remarks:

“I think that the distribution of players is not the same for everyone. We can’t take Props (partial qualifiers) in the SEC. They can’t take them in the ACC. And there’s a significant amount of players who don’t qualify. And they end up being pretty good players at some of these schools. I think there are six guys starting on South Florida’s defense who probably could have gone to Florida or Florida State but Florida and Florida State couldn’t take them. And if you do a good job of recruiting that way–now the Big East has passed a rule that they aren’t going to take Props at some time in the future. I don’t know if it’s next year or the year after or whenever.”

To which Jim Leavitt replied:

“Of 110 players, we have two nonqualifiers, one starts, one doesn’t,” Leavitt said. “The Big East doesn’t allow nonqualifiers. For a guy to make a mistake like that is not right.

“I’m not down on [Saban]. Whoever gave him that information needs to correct it. Certainly this person [Birmingham News reporter Ray Melick], what right does he have to write an article without verifying all the facts. This is why I get disturbed sometimes, because now this article goes out.

“It’s an absolute wrong to do that.”

All I know is that two of the best recruits of the last few years got into Big East institutions, (Mike Ford and Noel Devine) after either being told they were a possible long shot or failed to qualify at other schools. Take that for what it is worth.

Brandon Deadrick did receive some punishment, having to help senior citizens in need of assisted living:

It was more of “a life punishment,” Deaderick said. He said Alabama coach Nick Saban arranged for him to do community service at Capstone Village, an assisted living facility in Tuscaloosa.

“It really makes you grateful for the things you have,” Deaderick said. “It makes you better as a person. That’s pretty much beyond running.” Saban was “very understanding.”

I think my dad got a ton of mail from this place a few days after he turned 50, which caused me to laugh for days on end. Am I a horrible person? Maybe. Should I apologize for that? I think that’s a matter of opinion. Besides, I’ll end up with a kid 10 times worse than I when I turn 50 in 2035.

And finally, the Mets collapsed…. giving me great joy that can only be squashed by a Rockies loss to the Phillies.

He’s dead inside


VIP Connection

The super secret Coach Fran E-mail:

Morning Fellas,


58 players participated in the game against Miami, including 46 on scrimmage downs and 11 on kicking teams only. We opened offensively in a three-wide, one-back set with one tight end, and defensively we were in the usual 4-2-5. We raked up 240 yards on Offense, and gave up 402 yards on defense.

I know what some of you are thinking, and I’m here to tell you that the problems we have are being addressed. I know with hard work and a tough mindset, we can do…… ah heck, I can’t keep this up. Life just plain sucks right now fellas.

I can’t get anybody to listen to me anymore. The fans hate me, the Board wants me to stick it where the sun don’t shine, and I’m about to lose to Baylor…. again!

Don’t even get me started about my players. I thought I could mold young boys into men, but I apparently let Martellus Bennett slip through the cracks in that area. Although I should point out his cookies are delicious, and Kim Possible is the shiz. I mean come on, who wouldn’t want to be 14 again for those kind of adventures? During the night, I sometimes call my wife Kim Mrs. Franpossible…. but only when she is asleep and I’m tired of watching reruns of the Sopranos on A&E. It helps me to get through the day.


A guy can dream, can’t he?

Oh well, we can’t all be so lucky. Back to the task at hand.


My schedule for the week is pretty much the same as always. I arrive at the office early in the morning, grab a cup of coffee and head into either a coaches meeting or the film room. We then prepare what we should do in practice and head on out to the field as the players are getting ready. On Friday I plan to head on over to Dick’s to see what the newest shipment of sports bras look like….I hate having man-boobs.

Game Planning

The plan for the game this week is simple. all we need to do is let the J-train do his thing: run his mouth, eat the rest of the team under the table, and give him the ball once his heartburn starts to subside.

Aside from that, it’s still the same as always: run, run, run baby! I might let McGee attempt a pass or two, but I would like to wait and see how Baylor does in the first 3 quarters before I make any finite decision.

Position Overview of The Week: Wide Receivers

This week, I would like to focus on the Receivers. Earvin Taylor and Pierre Brown are very steady, but suffer from average speed. Kerry Franks has great speed, but is inconsistent in receiving. As for the rest (Cody Beyer, Michael Corey, Roger Holland, Terrence McCoy, and E.J. Shankle)… I’d rather not talk about them right now.

By the way guys, your membership fees are due in a week or so. I’m glad we got to discuss Aggie football. I hope this continues for a long, long while. Gig ‘Em!

Reveille needs somebody to take her for a walk.

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