My New Toy

Sorry for the lack of updating yesterday, but Wednesday was an extremely busy day.

But, that doesn’t mean that Wednesday was a total waste in the world of multi-media entertainment. I recently have a birthday a little less than 2 weeks ago, and seeing that I’ve run out of years where you actually look forward to getting older, I wanted to get something cool that I could at least view as a positive. Therefore, I told everyone to give me cash, which I used for one big birthday fund to by myself this nifty little item.

It’s got bluetooth, so I can answer my phone with it and actually talk through it (yes, I’ve already done it and it passed). Plus, when I hooked it up, it automatically put every song, picture, and video clip I had on PC in about 5 minutes. The only problem is the touch screen, which smudges like a mo’fo. But, I can buy a stick-on cover, so that should be fixed.

What’s the purpose of this post? Well, it’s that slow time of the year and I just wanted to show off a bit. Better material will come Friday.

Super Tuesday for Alabama

So today is the big day if you’re running for President of the United States. Many different states, including the great state of Alabama, are heading to the polls to either follow popular opinion, or express their own opinion.

Pretend the last zero is an eight

I myself will make sure to vote, and I hope you do the same. Both the Birmingham News and the Tuscaloosa News have endorsed Barack Obama and John McCain, who seem to be building some steam as the primaries continue. Other players include Mitt Romney, Hillary Clinton, Mike Huckabee, and even Ron Paul to a certain extent.

If I had to give you once piece of advice, I would tell you to vote for the candidate that shares your viewpoints the closest. Don’t vote because they dress nice and can spin a sentence well, vote for the one you think would be a good leader for America. I’m not a political activist, I won’t tell you what candidate to support, but I would like to see a good turnout if possible. Vote Alabama! Even Nick Saban has time for this sh*t.

Support Victor Ellis

There are times in life when the trivial things we argue about in the sports world don’t matter. Right now, Victor Ellis needs your help. He’s suffering from an extremely rare form of cancer. Currently, there is a tumor in his kidney, with excess fluid building up around his heart. There is treatment for this cancer, but it can be very expensive.

Former Alabama football players have rallied around Victor, offering their support in the form of a fund raiser this weekend prior to the football game against ULM. The list includes: Bobby Humphrey, Bob Baumhower, Kenny Stabler, Ahmaad Galloway, Barry Krauss, Tyler Watts, Freddie Milons, Sam Shade, Antonio Langham, John Copeland, Eric Curry, Freddie Roach, Rudy Griffin, Walter Lewis, Steve Clonts, Alan Gray, Coach Joe Kines, Coach Homer Smith, and many more.

You don’t have to attend this function in order to help Victor. You can visit the website Support Victor to check in on updates and the make a donation. If you can’t afford any form of financial backing, I encourage you to offer up a prayer or two. Cancer is a horrible thing that really takes a lot out of people. I’ve had many family members overcome it, but it has always been an extremely tough road to travel.

Test Subject

I agreed to be a guinea pig for a friend’s project this morning, so I won’t be posting until later. I don’t mind doing it, I’m just wondering if I’ll embarrass myself or not. I’m sure it won’t be that bad; I tend to over-react sometimes.

While you wait for my return, I encourage you to enjoy this crazy little fella.


Symbolism anyone?


I don’t claim to be the stud of all bloggers, but I certainly don’t think I am what the folks out in the country call “ugful”…. ugly and awful. But, it seems that Google thinks differently:


Good to know you have my back Google. I would request a boycott, but I realize that would go nowhere fast. Oh well, I still have my charm to fall back on….. right?

(P.S: It’s actually because of THIS POST I made a few months ago.)

The Million Dollar Band

CSTV (CBS) gave the MDB some love recently. Check out the video:


The day when I sleep for 3 hours, eat half a sandwich to fit in more study time, and end up with a state of mind close to a disgruntled mailman (don’t panic, they can’t hear what I’m thinking….. yet). This is what drives most people to drink alone. Sorry, nothing of interest will be posted today. Well, if I’m still a functional human sometime after 3:30, there might be something…. but I wouldn’t count on it.

(HT: Shannon Burns)

Britney Spears Won’t Go Away!

First, go visit Garnet and Black Attack for this week’s edition of the SEC Power Poll.

I had another interview today. I won’t get into the specifics, but I will leave you a hint about one of the topics we covered. I promise you I’m not kidding:

Did Bama & UGA Fans Show Too Much Sportsmanship?

If you ask the guys from Bleacher Bloggers, we apparentlydid. Well, more likely Kyle King (DawgSports)and Todd (RollBamaRoll) when you look at it from their point of view. Check out the first segment of their latest YouTube video:

I guess I should offer my ringing endorsement to both Kyle and Todd since I was one of the Bama bloggers who also offered praise to the Dawgs. They both do remarkable jobs as bloggers, writing entertaining posts every single day. Besides, why shouldn’t they show respect to the other team? Both Bama and Georgia played a tough, physical game. They showed heart, which earns them a lot of respect.


Respect comes from trying to beat the living snot out of each other.


Long Day Already

So I had an interview today. The lady performing the interview just happened to be a UGA grad, which made things interesting since she felt the desire to brag for about 5 minutes. I think I bit a hole in my tongue trying not to say anything back.

I should have something else to say later today. For now, just enjoy The Flight of the Conchords for no reason at all.