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Well, it’s Friday. Time for those of us left in Tuscaloosa this weekend to either sleep in or head on over to work to earn some extra dough.

If you haven’t been keeping up with Roll Bama Roll, Todd has been admitting something embarrassing about himself each week before a game. Alabama needs a solid performance bad so we can go into Tennessee week with some confidence. So, I’m getting desperate enough to join in with Todd for this week: I’m a big fan of musicals. No, I’m not a song and dance performer. I just really enjoy a good performance of the classics, such as The Music Man:

Robert Preston pwns

Go ahead and laugh. Someday this style of singing will be retro enough to where all the kids will doing it on a regular basis. It’s just plain swell! I should have some real posting ready for you later today. So long for now.

Homecoming Expectations

Let’s face it, most Alabama fans aren’t exactly sure what to expect out of Houston. Sure, we realize that they score a lot of points, and that they give up plenty of points too. But, when it comes to how they score, most don’t really know what we’re going to see.

To be honest, I don’t think the media (and even the team to a certain extent) don’t know what to expect either. The only real thing to expect is an offense that will honestly give you at least 10 different styles of play, as well as a debate as to who should be playing QB.

Remember the whole “I’m gonna toss what’s left of my Wild Turke……’coke’ at that bulldog” event? Well, don’t expect to see the students throwing any cups onto the field for a long while:

Delta Kappa Epsilon and Theta Chi fraternities will lose their seats close to the field for the next two home games. University spokeswoman Cathy Andreen said the groups would be moved farther back into the stands.

To prevent future incidents, the Office of Judicial Affairs will begin enforcing new sanctions against students who throw anything at any sporting event.

For a first offense, the student will be forbidden from attending the next three games of that team (football, basketball, etc) with a student ticket. The punishment would extend into the next season if necessary. Andreen said the student must also attend “Capstone Character Class.”

If caught twice, the student cannot buy student tickets for that sport again. After a third violation, the student will be barred from all sporting events for the rest of his or her academic career.

I’m glad to see we’re handling this in a respectable manner. I know some people will whine about this rule, but we do need a standard of class to remain in the game of college football.

Don’t expect to see Jimmy Johns playing on defense anytime soon. Saban likes his performance on Special Teams so far, and feels that JJ doesn’t need to be moved to Linebacker:

“It’s not the right time to move someone to defense, it would be very, very difficult to teach him based on the fact that he’s not been a defense player before and it’s hard to teach players we have from week to week, different offenses that we see, different adjustments that you have to make,” Saban said.

“Jimmy works hard,” Saban said. “He has a good attitude about it. We do have a role for him, but because we don’t play regular people very much and use two tight ends a lot in the game, the fullback doesn’t have a significant role in our offense right now.

“The fact that we have three guys who have done a good job when they got their opportunity at tailback has limited Jimmy’s playing time. He’s a good pass-blocker and he’s done a good job when he’s played.”

Many of the fans – including myself – were unhappy with the intensity level of the players last weekend. Well, don’t expect to see that level of play this weekend. Saban has been pushing his players this week, and he likes what he sees:

“I have been pleased with the effort and attitude in practice this week. We have had two of our better practices from an intensity standpoint, even though this was a very difficult preparation for us. The scout team has done a really good job of trying to simulate not only a no-huddle offense, but also one that has a tremendous amount of multiples.

“Our focus is having our team improving, having a team playing winning football.

“Our focus should be on improvement, more and more guys playing with consistency, executing…down-in and down-out, offense, defense and special teams.”

I hope so. We brought in Saban to fix the problems of the Shula era. In the end, I truly believe that this team won’t be having as many problems in terms of intensity. We’re thinner than most teams, but we should be able to go toe-to-toe with many of them in terms of fire.

Don’t expect to see James Carville cheering for the Tide anytime soon either:

You’re famously married to the Republican strategist Mary Matalin. Is there a fan of any team that you could never imagine being close with?

I would’ve said easily Alabama, but my niece goes to Alabama and I still love her and claim her. That was kind of the test moment. If I still love my niece and speak to her, that was sort of the ultimate test. There’s not much more of of a test than Alabama.

Does anybody find it funny that James Carville hates people who love elephants so much, but he still associates himself with them on a daily basis? I guess he’s still in the closet with R. Kelly and Tom Cruise on this one.


Stick with us James, we understand you.

Expect to see plenty of beer cans being thrown if either Jeff Gordon or Jimmie Johnson win. If Johnson wants to avoid this annual event, all he has to do is take off the “ie” at the end of his name and replace it with a “y”.

And finally, expect to see me supporting the Colorado Rockies throughout the playoffs, or at least until somebody beats them. They should be the bandwagon team of the playoffs…. and I got here first!!!

What, do you disagree? Come here and let me show you the real meaning of “thin air”


Linking You Up

Today’s been a rather hectic day with new bus schedules, classes, working, etc. So, I won’t really be giving you a very in depth post. Here are some interesting stories from the day:


Am I a dork for being very excited about this movie, but at the same time thinking about how much they may have changed the actual story?

Oh well, time to go buy some text books tax free.

Strange Finds

For those of you who are so old school you still have your old Nintendo cartridges and controllers, but don’t work any more, I have good news. Apparently you can turn them into a mp3 player and speaker combo:

Of course, most people might not know how to do this. But don’t worry, the instructions can be found by CLICKING HERE.

If that isn’t strange enough for you, then take a look at this steam punk watch.

Monday Morning

I hope everyone has had a good weekend. So far, there isn’t much to discuss that hasn’t already been analyzed, so this post will have a little bit of everything I noticed or did over the weekend. seems to think that the only team to beat LSU in the 2007 will be Alabama (check the right side). Yet, when they decide to point out the key game of the year for the Bayou Bengals, they point towards the Auburn game. Interesting….

Alabama not only got a huge commitment from Tyler Love, but they also landed Melvin Ray, which seems to be a bit of a shock for most. Hopefully we’ll go 3 for 3 in a few days when Star Jackson announces where he’ll be playing next Fall. has Jackson listed as the #2 Dual-Threat QB in the country. It’s down to Alabama, Auburn, and West Virginia. (darn you Richie Rod!)

Doug Segrest goes over the Best and Worst of SEC spring football. It’s nothing ground breaking, but a fairly pleasant read.

Cal Ripken Jr. and Tony Gwynn were both inducted into the baseball HOF Sunday. Congrats to two of the best representatives of the game.

The Simpsons Movie earned close to $72 million this past weekend. I did see The Simpsons Movie and I really liked it. I think most of you will enjoy it as well. For now, here is the only connection I can make with Alabama, football, and The Simpsons.

Podcasting = Thrills

Hello to everyone!

This is a semi-shameless plug for Newspaper Hack’s podcast. Why? Well, I was on his show last time (although this post isn’t about that). I think everyone who reads the Bama ring of blogs should listen to his show. Give this man some support! He does a great job and is willing to talk about anything. Visit his NowLive page every Thursday night (I think) around 10:00 pm EST, which is 9:00 pm CST. We lived, we laughed, we cursed (well, he did more than I. I think I sound way too awkward as a curser). It was fun!


Join the JournoRock Podcast next week, where our special guest will be Albert Einstein!! ….What? Einstein is dead you say? Aw heck, we’ll try to get him on anyway!! Cubs win!