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If you ever wanted to know how to make a book with a secret compartment, this is your lucky day. The folks at the blog “How 2 Do Stuff” can show you how to do it in a matter of a few simple steps. Now you can hide those special gifts for your significant other…. or find a way to play a riveting game of ‘hide the car keys’ with your roomies. So go create your secret books and pretend you’re a secret agent with stuff to hide, I know I will.


Does America Really Want More Pro-Football?

Mark Cuban, current owner of the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks, has recently started talking about creating another pro-football league that will attempt to piggy back off of the NFL’s ratings dominance. He feels that if they were to play on Friday nights that they could very well become a success. After seeing countless failures spring up since the success of the AFL, I asked myself “Does America really want more pro-football?”

To me the answer should be an obvious NO. The NFL is successful for more than the love of the game. The NFL is successful for its leadership, marketing power, image, and money. No other professional sports league can compare to what the NFL front offices, and head office, can offer. None of the “Big 4” leagues can compare to the NFL. Even NASCAR, a once one dimensional sporting event, draws in higher ratings than the NBA, NHL, and MLB. While the NFL may not be perfect, it is the best sports option out there in todays television market.

The NFL is also smart enough to know that trying to take away from other forms of football will only hurt itself. The league never plays on Friday nights for one reason only, to never take away from high school football. The NFL is bright enough to realize that trying to compete with High School and College football will only limit the number of viewers for their games. In Mark Cuban’s league, they plan to play on Friday nights only.

In my opinion, Mark Cuban should try to compete with other pro-leagues, instead of the NFL. If you look at the number of former pro-football leagues, you would be amazed. The NBA battles lower ratings due to image problems and a long season, same for MLB and the NHL. People are rather apathetic towards these 3 other leagues now. If somebody were to try and actually create a league with some solid leadership and marketing, they could easily take the disenfranchised fans and become the AFL version of that sport. Wasting your time on attempting to steal from the NFL will only end in failure, just ask Vince McMahon.

However, if the NFL is not careful, it too could suffer from an image problem. More pro-football players are experiencing legal problems that ever before it seems. The Pac-man Jones and Michael Vick issues are the top headlines of the month, more important than the NBA finals. If Cuban is depending on the NFL suffering from an image problem in order for his league to be successful, he needs to reassess his plan. For now, the NFL is still the king of the sports world.

Blog Roll Call & More

  • Capstone Report’s recent post about the SEC Spring Meetings and the Shula vs. Alabama issues is a good one, check it out.
  • Everyone needs to check out Bama Nation. They provide opinions, forums, night chats, and more.
  • I did notice Nick Saban taking the high road against Les Miles at the SEC Spring Meetings,

“I didn’t really have a previous relationship with Les. I respect what he has done,” Saban said. “I don’t have any bad feelings for him. I can’t speak for him, though.”

The man deserves a vacation from all of this ill-will.

  • So far two Alabama games have TV slots: Alabama @ Vanderbilt (11:30 am CDT) LF Sports, and Arkansas @ Alabama (5:45 pm CDT) ESPN. I pray that this is the only 11:30 am game we have to play.

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Houston, you Nutt

It seems that Arkansas Football Head Coach Houston Nutt is using Alabama as a recruiting tool. Yes, the University of Alabama. Our Spring Game is benefiting somebody else:

Pick chose Arkansas of the Southeastern Conference over Kansas and Iowa State of the Big 12, Colorado State of the Mountain West, and Southern Methodist and Rice of Conference USA.

“Arkansas is a big-time program,” Pick said. “The first question they asked me was ‘How would you like to line up against Alabama in front of 92,000 fans.’ I said ‘I’d love it.’ I think the Southeastern Conference is the toughest conference to win and there are some great teams.”

Nutt is also apparently letting his recruits hear what they want to hear:

“All three of us were just blown away after we got back to Dodge after the visit (to Arkansas),” Pick said. “We saw all of the championships they had and they went through the (SEC Western Division) undefeated. They made us feel comfortable.”

Went through the SEC West undefeated? Was Houston Nutt awake during the LSU-Arkansas game last season? Or was he too busy planning his next 2 dozen text messages about how to get rid of Gus Malzahn (or about when he should visit his sugar-momma). I guess when you’re under as much pressure as Nutt you will probably forget one or two ‘minor’ things, like a loss or the 3 game losing streak to finish out the season.

In the end, it is more of a complement than anything else. Talking about Alabama at the beginning of a recruiting conversation means that they view us as a big time program. We’re seen as a threat. So I guess I should be glad that we’re getting a lot of respect again. Oh well, Roll Tide and Woo Pig Sooie

Memorial Day Notes

I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday with their family and friends. Try and thank at least one Veteran if you can.

Well Alabama was left out of the baseball bracket today. Hopefully we will have some better pitching in 2008 so this won’t happen again. Yet another let down for Alabama athletics this year. I pray that the 2007-2008 season is much much better, because I can’t take watching my school struggle for too long. But then again, I have done it over the last 10 years with Alabama football, so maybe I can handle it.

Keep Marquise Hill in your prayers. The former LSU player fell into Lake Pontchartrain during a very strong current while on a jet ski yesterday. He has yet to be found. He was a part of Coach Saban’s teams during the 2003 national championship season.

Don Shula is bashing Alabama and Saban AGAIN!! He discussed it with Ben Maller. Yes, we understand you’re miffed after what happened, it has already been discussed over and over again. Why don’t you go eat some more fat free lasagna and try teaching your son how to coach? Good grief, this got old 2 months ago.

I guess Terry Bowden is afraid of tigers, even though he coached them for 6 seasons. But Mike V had him on the runs:

Back in 1993, in my first game in Baton Rouge, La., as the head coach at Auburn, he scared the hell out of me with about the loudest roar I’ve ever heard seconds before we were to run out of the tunnel for the game. There is an old joke about wearing red coaching pants on the sidelines during a tough game because of how bloody it was going to be and not wanting to alarm the players. Well, let’s just say, I could have used some brown pants on the sideline that day. …

I’m trying my hardest not to make a joke about Terry and phone books…. but it is really tough. But for now I wish you and everyone out there a happy Memorial Day!! Thank you Veterans and current soldiers!

NCAA Baseball Regionals Announced

 The SEC has 4 regional sites selected, the most for any conference. Still not sure if Alabama is in or not. That will probably be later today or tomorrow.

Southeastern 4 (Arkansas, Ole Miss, South Carolina, Vanderbilt)
Atlantic Coast 3 (Florida St., North Carolina, Virginia)
Big 12 3 (Missouri, Texas, Texas A&M)
Big South 1 (Coastal Caro.)
Big West 1 (Long Beach St.)
Conference USA 1 (Rice)
Missouri Valley 1 (Wichita St.)
Pacific-10 1 (Arizona St.)
West Coast 1 (San Diego)

For the story click here

Alabama softball is done for the year as they were swept by Washington. Good job this year ladies. Hopefully Coach Murphy won’t leave for Nebraska or anything other location.


I’m sorry for being stupid; I missed the statement about when the other teams will be announced


The remaining at-large teams, top-eight national seeds, first-round regional pairings and site assignments will be announced at 12:30 p.m. Eastern time, Monday, May 28, during a live, half-hour program on ESPN.

Sports Oddities

First, we have the last words of a death row inmate: “Go Raiders”

At least we know they are dedicated fans.

Second, we have a basketball coach who apparently has nothing to do during the off-season: Love in a creepy kind of way

It is good to know that the worst we have are fans that name their children Tyde and Saban. Oh, and the guy that *cough* shot his son *cough*