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Have you ever stopped to notice how many different bloggers out there that start a series or two for the season? Well, this is my first official season as a blogger, so I’ll be attempting a few here and there to see how they go.

We’ve all started to figure out our game plans for this weekend. Some plan on driving their RVs down around Thursday evening, others will stay in hotels or just drive early in the morning to the game. But, for those of you who are not able to make it to the game, I have decided to peruse through the TV listings for you. I will list the games I feel are the best overall experience while watching from your sofa. The games I list won’t include Alabama, since I’m already assuming that you plan to watch UA play. I promise I won’t recommend games that conflict with the start of the Alabama game that week.


Louisiana State @ Missisippi State (ESPN 7:00 Central)

Synopsis: A no brainer for most College Football fans. This is the first big conference game of the season, meaning that there will be plenty of build up and special features to discover. The Mad Hatter attempts to squelch the dreams of Coach Sly in the middle of Scott Field.

Broadcasting Team: Chris Fowler, Doug Flutie, Craig James, and Erin Andrews. Yes, I know he does work for the evil ESPN, but Chris Fowler does a very solid job when you consider how the network ships him to every horse race, tennis match under the sun. I do not subscribe to the church of Erin Andrews worship, but I know people who do. If you’re into watching a game for just a sideline reporter, well this is your lucky day. Thinking of Doug Flutie talking causes me to fall asleep, so I don’t know what he actually brings to the table. Craig James is another one of those “insert generic line here” kind of commentators. Overall, it is an ok broadcasting line-up.

Broadcasting the Game: Since this is the season opener for a team playing for a national title, I imagine the Starkville crowd will be pretty excited. The Bulldog fans are hoping for 6 wins this season, which means that they will want to get off to a good start as quickly as possible. Remember how bad they looked against South Carolina? Croom and the dawgs will be doing everything they can to avoid another night like that. Unfortunately, they’re playing against the most talented team this side of California, so that might be harder than it sounds. ESPN will have plenty of crowd reaction to hype up the game since it is their first game of the season. Just turn your volume down low at the start of the game in order to ignore those stupid cowbells.

Likelihood of a Competitive Game: Well, I would have to say the odds aren’t to good if you want to see a tie game in the 4th quarter. At best I’d say it will only be close for 2 quarters since this is the first game of the year for LSU. Hey, stranger things have happened, but I doubt you’ll see a tight game Thursday night.

Watchability: I give this game a High watchability rating. It’s College Football! We haven’t had any since Florida bucked the nuts. Of course you should watch the first big game of the year. Some of us will watch the entire game even if LSU wins by 30.


You could watch Washington play Syracuse, but I wouldn’t recommend it. First off, both teams are still going to be horrible. Wouldn’t you rather watch the local high school team play? The next reason to avoid this game is the fact that Colin Cowherd will be in the broadcast booth. Yes, ESPN has decided to force the scrutebag on the poor fans who live in Washington and New York. Take the wife out for dinner and movie, or go support your kids are they participate in cheer leading, playing in the marching band, or playing on the football field.
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