Reaching Out to Readers

I’m sorry that I was unable to give you another post or two yesterday. I had a pretty bad day with a mixture of no internet connection and getting totally soaked in the rain on my way to class. But, I’m sure there really wasn’t much to talk about unless you were into the political games that started yesterday.

What political games did you think I was talking about? Oh….

So what is a blogger to do during the football off-season lull and a bad basketball season? Well, I want to hear from you the reader. Whatever you would like to see from this blog in the future, now is the time to let me know. Should I have more weekly features during football season? Would you prefer more humor? Maybe less humor and more analysis? Would you want more blog on blog interactions (where we form an all powerful Super-Blog once a week that can destroy the others).

Heck, if you think I stink at this whole blogging thing, just let me know! I won’t censor you unless you just start to make some extremely lewd comments (even I have standards, and my filter can’t catch it all). If you feel like saying more that just a simple comment, then send me an e-mail at the address in the upper right hand corner. I want to make a better blog for you all, so let’s have it!

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I had something that was somewhat interesting, but it turns out that I made a mistake in typing up my post. So, in the spirit of good humor, I’ll leave you with a funny Mac vs. PC spoof that isn’t exactly safe for children (it’s not that offensive though):

Seriously though, I have a strange feeling that the Apple product users of the world will someday revolt in order to name Steve Jobs King of Earth (the ones with iPhones anyways.)

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Podcasting = Thrills

Hello to everyone!

This is a semi-shameless plug for Newspaper Hack’s podcast. Why? Well, I was on his show last time (although this post isn’t about that). I think everyone who reads the Bama ring of blogs should listen to his show. Give this man some support! He does a great job and is willing to talk about anything. Visit his NowLive page every Thursday night (I think) around 10:00 pm EST, which is 9:00 pm CST. We lived, we laughed, we cursed (well, he did more than I. I think I sound way too awkward as a curser). It was fun!


Join the JournoRock Podcast next week, where our special guest will be Albert Einstein!! ….What? Einstein is dead you say? Aw heck, we’ll try to get him on anyway!! Cubs win!