The Great Auburn What If…

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Today we bring you the first ever Fan Post, a series that should hopefully keep the summers months from seeming so dull. Our first guest blogger hails from Australia, a place not known for college football, but it’s pretty cool to get a post from way over there. I also did not know there was a town in Australia called “Traralgon”.

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Enjoy “The Great Auburn What If…”

There are moments throughout history when a simple decision to change policy would have made an unbelievable difference.

An example that comes to mind is Napolean’s foolish decision to make war on Russia during the winter time. Or Abraham Lincoln’s decision to run for president.

One day while I was reading through the history of the SEC, I noticed that Georgia Tech left the SEC in 1964 and joined the ACC in 1978. And at first I scratched my head and asked myself why? Why would Georgia Tech ever want to leave the prestige of the SEC and end up in the ACC? I put that question in the back of my head and occasionally thought about the positives for a few days….

Eventually it started to make some sense.

To begin with, It allowed Georgia Tech the opportunity to reinvent its image by seperating Georgia Tech from several hated rivalries, (including Auburn and Alabama.) It also seperated Georgia Tech and Georgia from directly competing against each other in the same conference (which greatly diminished a very venomous feud). And without all that hate to focus on Georgia Tech could go on with their lives and try to do something different (and maybe more positive).

For several years, Georgia Tech was out in the cold and wandering aimlessly. But while wandering through the wilderness, Georgia Tech found an identity that wasnt partially defined (or obscured) by the successes of the University of Georgia. These days, they recruit from the platform of the ACC, they are known more for their acadamia and less for their feuds with other schools. And once and for all they have escaped the stigma of being viewed as UGA’s little brother.

What if Auburn would have made the same choice to leave the SEC and eventually joined the ACC? Personally, I think Auburn would have more sucess to show for it…. What do you guys think? Would Auburn be a different program? And what do you think the difference would be?

Traralgon, vic. AU