NCAA + Me = Fetal Position


The allegation against Alabama stand as Failure to Monitor (which means that one or two of our compliance people didn’t do enough on the front end to make sure who got what textbook). Honestly, I wonder why the heck we pay these people if they can’t get the proper controls to WORK!

To the University’s credit, we did an extensive Internal Audit and provided more detail to the NCAA than initially found, some of it
Dating back to 2005-06


Now, the University has sent their response, which is too long to link, but one important fact hangs out there (LINK):


“In stating what this case is, it is also important to recognize what it is not. This is not a case of intentional misconduct by coaches, institutional employees or boosters. No other type of NCAA rules violations were discovered. No one made a financial profit from the textbook violations – books were received or acquired in violation of the rules, but no one sold the book or materials for cash. Moreover, no one obtained materials other than materials of an academic nature.”

What started all of this was that certain student athletes reserved books and basic supplies under their names for buddies/ girlfriends/ boyfriends. They’d provide the list to the Supply Store, and would recieve their books. The key is that they didn’t sell the books, and would be charged cash if they did not return them.

Now I doubt the 2007 textbook stuff will be that big of an issue…. at least in my head. Our players served their suspension and were reinstated by the NCAA. The problem comes with the 2005-06 date, which is under that window of repeat offender status.

Personally, I expect a few extra years (2-3) of probationary status, which means we need to be extra careful near the Will Colliers of the world (you know, the types that ignore their own program’s wrong-doing in order to hammer the opposition to get an edge). Therefore, I think it would benefit the University of Alabama greatly to hire an outside auditing firm to externally analyze our NCAA compliance control system. I’ve been told the law firm we’ve retained can provide such services, but I did not see anything like that listed on their website. My friend at The Capstone Report did inform me that the SEC provides such an audit as well, but we all see how effective that turned out to be.

Now for a little ranting, for venting purposes only….

Look, I understand we aren’t squeaky clean, like the rest of the SEC. Yet one question remains: why are we the only ones GIVING info of transgressions to the NCAA that they would have never known about in the first place? They could have dug, but that wasn’t a certainty.

It’s not that I think we should have never played ball with them, but I wonder why the other SEC programs seem to get by without a single hiccup.

Furthermore, if the NCAA hammers us hard for this, I will literally protest in Indianapolis, Indiana. I understand that we goofed up, but trying to make us the example YET AGAIN when other programs hand out free grades, homes for player’s families, and $100 hand shakes seems awfully rediculous. You have to wonder what the purpose of the NCAA actually is. We were a big name in history the last few years, but were not one of the marketable big names ala USC and Ohio State. It sickens me really.

Yet the thing that is most absurd about this whole deal is that it happened at all. After all of the heart ache and pain from Albert Means, Mal Moore, the UA Administration and NCAA Compliance Dept. should have all gone over everything with a fine toothed comb to make sure UA was doing an impeccable job of preventing NCAA violations. I feel let down, but in the same time defeated because I feel as though there is nothing I’ll ever be able to do in the long run.

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  1. Janelle Rakow Says:

    I will definitely be coming back to your site to read more articles as i loved that one..

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