Alabama Wins 34-10!

I don’t know if I’ve ever been so happy to have been so wrong in my life! Who gives a rip about blog cred! I think the entire fan base just went hoarse with joy.

Field Goal. I’m so excited….. I promise you I am.

Florida from 2005 has been topped, and thank goodness. I was tired of people linking to YouTube videos from 3 years ago. We came, we played, and we won. I’m so happy of how we finished, something we lacked in 2007.

Of course, I expect some in the opposing fan bases will say “Well, uh…. Clemson is from the overrated ACC. This proves nothing!” Even though Clemson isn’t where not as good as their ranking, I’ll gently remind said detractors that you originally proclaimed that Clemson is the better team, and there is no way Alabama will even compete with them in the Georgia Dome. Hypocrisy at its finest.

If you haven’t seen this before, I like to present my thoughts is a simple, yet somewhat random format. It’s not too difficult to figure out.

Here we go with the high points:


-We did this to grab the attention of a large number of top recruits. I’d say we did that and then some. We got THE exposure of the weekend, and really showed that we can play when we want to.

-The Freshmen will looked afraid and nervous? Whoever said that was foolish to think so (slowly goes back and deletes earlier post). In all seriousness, they will probably make mistakes, but they are talented, and they came to play tonight. In fact, they played better than a few of the Seniors at times.

-We finally used the Tight End…. Nick Walker is a new personal hero.

-ALABAMA ALLOWED 0 YARDS RUSHING. I REPEAT, ALABAMA ALLOWED 0 YARDS RUSHING. That is a PS3 number! Cullen Harper was dropped for -28 on the ground. Spiller and Davis…. not so successful in their own right.

-Uh…. Coach Koenning? I believe your foot just got inserted into your mouth. Have a great day!

-Julio didn’t get 100 yards, but he didn’t have to. He made some big time plays, including a that HUGE touchdown after Clemson had punched us back in the face. The rate of children named Julio will quadruple in the state of Alabama.

-Let the numbers speak for themselves: Alabama had a total of 419 yards, compared to Clemson’s total of 189 yards.

-Even though this isn’t a traditional streak, Alabama has now beaten Clemson 12 games in a row. Of course, the last game happened in 1975. Still, it’s nice to have a streak over somebody.

– I may be wrong, but I do believe this is the first time we’ve beaten a team of “Tigers” in a long while, having lost our last 11. Streak broken, which means it is time to start a win streak (hopefully).

-Obviously, whenever you beat a Top 10 team, you’ll gain a lot of attention.

Here are a few (the very few) low points of the night:

-We dominated every aspect…. until that kick return. Spiller is Lightning fast, and we hardly even laid a finger on the dude as he took it to the house.

-Andre Smith was taken out early, due to a small tweak of the knee. He should be fine, but that does concern me if our best lineman is going to have to deal with injuries.

-I don’t want to say it was too easy, but there were times when it just seemed like we could do no wrong, and they could do nothing right. I hope everyone realizes the season won’t be like this every single game when it comes to the SEC. It’ll be a bunch of tough, hard fights, but I like our chances to compeat.


The Gut and I: Alabama v. Clemson

Ladies and Gentlemen…… football has arrived. Even though the off-season felt like it moved along as a snails pace, this season arrived faster than I imagined after SEC Media Days. I’m not complaining at all, just stating how it feels for me. Hopefully, it will feel a good bit different from 2007.

The end of 2007, not the beginning

Yes, our first game is one of our biggest, as the Alabama Crimson Tide takes on the #9 Clemson Tigers. Nick Saban is in his 2nd year as Alabama coach, while Tommy Bowden has been wearing Clemson orange and purple for over a decade. Alabama brings a bevy of young talent, looking to make big strides in the next year or so. Clemson’s future is now, as the Tigers look to take the ACC and nation by storm.

How it this game play out? Will Alabama pull the upset? Or, will Clemson take the first step towards a BCS Bowl birth? Once again, I battle the emotions and gut instincts of being a fan and blogger. Here we go!

Reasons for my gut to say Alabama wins

  • While Spiller and Davis are very talented RBs, we’ve seen tough match-ups in the backfield before in the form of McFadden and Jones. Not saying we’ll win if they get 290+ yards, but we came out with a victory then, and we do have enough players on Defense returning this year with experience against such a two-headed beast. Add in the fact that Arkansas had a better O-line, and I don’t think we will just be blown away.
  • Speaking of Clemson’s O-line, I think that is a very interesting piece of the puzzle for their offense. I respect Spiller, Davis, Kelly, and Harper, but if that Spring Game means anything (a big IF sometimes), then they may have some penetration issues.
  • John Parker Wilson has to break that threshold sometime before he leaves Bama for the rest of his life. He’s got the records and stats, now he needs the victories to cement a legacy.
  • Another group of players in need of cementing a legacy is the Offensive Line of Alabama. Our All-SEC Center Antoine Caldwell returns, as does everyone else. Keep an eye on Andre Smith, because he could make the NFL jump after this season.
  • Although I won’t crown Jim McElwain THE Offensive Coordinator of the century (mad skillz!!1!6!!) like our brethren across the state, I do think having one player caller (WITH EXPERIENCE) will work out very well for Alabama.

Reasons for my gut to say Alabama losses

  • Everyone says “This is the type of game Clemson seems to lose”. I tend to disagree. The type of game Tommy Bowden might lose are those hang-over games AFTER a big match-up. They got up to #13 after smashing NC State, then flopped against Georgia Tech. We’re first up, so it isn’t like we have the benefit of Georgia Tech.
  • Even though I think Spiller and Davis aren’t going to move mountains with their minds, they are a dynamic duo that you need to keep an eye on. With our inexperienced front line of Defense, I am worried about fatigue. They’ll keep the two Tigers in respectable range for most of the game, but pay attention to the 4th quarter.
  • Michael Hamlin of Clemson can be a DB on a mission. Let’s hope our O-line and RBs can confuse this guy.
  • Everyone spell it out: F-R-E-S-H-M-E-N!!! Yes, we’ve got a lot of future potential, but I really do worry about how they will react to a higher level of football when their first match-up is a pretty stout team.
  • John Parker has a history of making great plays, only to have a major disaster in crunch time. The key is to keep the pressure away from JPW. I repeat, keep the pressure away from JPW. This new offense will spread things out, but still have some aspects that John Parker is familiar with so he doesn’t feel uncomfortable.

The main reason for Saban and company to schedule this game is recruiting and experience for our younger players. Clemson is pretty similar to SEC schools is personnel, mentality, and appearance, so this should help our young guys get an idea of what SEC play is like.

Overall, there is a lot to be gained if Alabama wins, such as national respect and a ton of momentum. That is a HUGE bonus for us in this 2008 season. If we lose, it’ll hurt for a while, but it won’t break our season. The Tigers are poised for a big season with their talent, schedule, and solid assistant coaching.

Even though I think we can win, I think our inexperience in th 4th will make it for Clemson. I’d say… 27-20 Clemson. If this was a Bowl Game or a late season match-up, I’d go with Alabama. Hurts to say it, but the Tigers will probably win.

The Bama Way

Todd Bates, a former Alabama football player and team captain, wrote a poem a few years ago titled “The Bama Way”. It’s been so popular inside the Tide athletic building that the team now recites it before every game. Read more from Ian Rapoport, or visit’s Todd’s very own website.

I think it is a great message for the team to learn and live by. Here is a look at the poem, which you can buy a t-shirt version of at your local Hibbett’s.

Brandon Gibson Out 2 Games

Redshirt Frosh WR Brandon Gibson has been suspended 2 games due to a Secondary rules violation. UA apparently suggested 2 games, and the NCAA agreed. Of course, this suspension is a result of a Secondary violation from before the 2007 season, which was reported accordingly by Alabama. From Gentry Estes of :

Redshirt freshman receiver Brandon Gibson of Mobile won’t be available to play in Alabama’s first two games as a result of an inadvertent secondary NCAA rules violation.

The university’s compliance department discovered that Gibson, who signed with the Crimson Tide out of UMS-Wright in 2007, unknowingly committed a violation while still in high school by accepting transportation to an Alabama sporting event from a friend whose father was a UA booster and could be viewed as “a representative of the institution’s athletic interest.”

UA officials self-reported Gibson’s trip last year to the NCAA.  “Our recommendation for a two-game suspension was approved by the NCAA,” UA associate athletics director for compliance Mike Ward said in a statement to the Press-Register. “The student-athlete and his friend have been friends since the ninth grade and, despite having a pre-existing relationship, unintentionally committed this infraction.”

Technically, the incident violated NCAA rules because Gibson’s pre-existing relationship with the friend did not exist before his ninth-grade year.

University officials did not impose Gibson’s penalty last season, since it would have burned his redshirt year. Gibson is eligible to play Sept. 13 against Western Kentucky after missing opening dates against Clemson and Tulane.

Football Season = Knee Jerk Predictions

1) Alabama will beat a team with the nickname “Tigers” this year.

We’ve got 3 tries this season, and I truly believe we can do it. The best shots will be either this Saturday, or the Iron Bowl, because I’m really not comfortable with that trip down to Baton Rouge, LA.

one…. two…. three! Three Tigers. BWA HA HA HA!

2) The state of Louisiana will start off 0-3 against the state of Alabama.

Even though Les Miles had his fun about UA’s failures against Louisiana last year, he probably picked a bad time to do so. With ULM against Auburn (take into account Tuberville’s ability to focus Auburn’s obsession in wanting to one-up Bama), and Bama’s game against Tulane, Alabama the state will start off 2-0 against LA.

After that, it is probably a good bet that Auburn will beat LSU, based on the fact that they have home field advantage, and the refs really seem to favor the home teams in that series. The big question mark is wether or not it’ll be 0-4 by the time Alabama goes down south. I’d like to be optimistic, but that would be a tall order.

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Hurricane Could Relocate Tulane Football

Although football should be one of the last things on our minds before Hurricane Gustav arrives, this will affect Alabama football. Tunlane coach Bob Toledo has announced that the Green Wave could be forced to practice in a different state. From The Tuscaloosa News:

Tulane University has plans to relocate its football team to either Birmingham or Jackson, Miss., to prepare for next weekend’s game at Alabama if Tropical Storm Gustav impacts the New Orleans area.

“We have a plan to get all our student-athletes moving, and football-wise we have a plan as a team. We’re either going to Jackson or Birmingham. I don’t know which yet, but we have a plan.”

If Tulane relocates to Birmingham, the Green Wave will practice at Samford University.

Tom Arnold Stays On Point

Tom Arnold has a message for you…. yes you!

Thanks for the endorsement!

Yeah, I figured I play the last bit of Tom Arnold…ness that Alabama has experienced last week. In fact, ever since he stepped foot on campus, I’ve been seeing him all over the place in his older movies (True Lies, Austin Powers, Coneheads, etc). It’s not like I’ve been trying to find him, he just seems to find his way into my line of vision.

This can only mean one thing… Tom Arnold has gotten into my head. Get out of my head, Tom! GET OUT OF IT RIGHT NOW!