Stoking the Fire

So yeah……… Alabama hired Jame Willis out of Auburn. As if 36-0 wasn’t enough to earn eternal hatred in Auburn, Nick Saban has now entered evil mastermind status on the plains. Nick Saban has once again stoked the fires of this rivalry.

WOOOOSH! McElroy to Maze! WOOOOSH! Sign the contract here, James. WOOOOSH!

Saban Set to Hire Sal Sunseri (Carolina Panthers)

It appears that Nick Saban has found a new assistant coach. Yes, it is Sal Sunseri………. if you had that pick, please sit at the front of the class.

Weve hired the aged version of Jake Lamotta from Raging Bull

We've hired the aged version of Jake Lamotta from Raging Bull

Crimson Confidential has the story up. I don’t know much about the guy, but he has Saban connections, and has had some success as a Defensive Line coach in the NFL (more than Orgeron could say). Sunseri made an immediate impact at Carolina, sending three of four starters to at least one Pro Bowl since becoming defensive line coach in 2003. His Defensive Lines have been a strong point for the Panthers since his arrival. He was also the interim head coach at Pittsburgh for one bowl game in Hawaii.

Utah beats Alabama in Sugar Bowl

Not much to say. We looked flat, and Utah seemed to want it more. This isn’t Boise-Oklahoma, because at least that had some memorable moments. This game was a flat team against a fired up team with something to prove.  Saban usually prepares his teams for this kind of thing, but a slow defensive start and a shattered Offensive Line did not perform with a high level of intensity. For the first time this year, we were absolutely beaten down on the line of scrimmage. Utah brought in a great game. They knew their size would never match-up to our size, but they had speed and a lot of misdirection that really gave us some issues. Hats off to Coach Whittingham and company.

I know, some will be disappointed…. I know I am. But let’s be honest, if your worst loss of the year is to an undefeated top 5 school, then something must be going right. Oh, and your other loss happens to be to a team playing for a National Championship. Year 2 is still way ahead of schedule. John Parker Wilson, Antoine Caldwell, and the Senior led us to a great season that ended poorly, but 2008 was still a very big step in the right direction.

On another note, I do understand that there will be some detractors that will be laughing at us. Somebody just sent this link to me in an e-mail, and it makes me chuckle because it is a sign that the pecking order in this state has shifted in Alabama’s favor.


if you celebrate the fact that your in-state rival lost in a $15,000,000 bowl game by performing your “greatest” tradition when they lose a game, then you probably blog for the Auburner. What’s even funnier is the fact that they think it is a huge failure because we “only” finished 12-2 with a coach in his 2nd year (winning over 70% of his games during those 2 years).

As for Andre Smith, I don’t blame him for this. While it is true we really needed him, he didn’t miss any of those tackles, including that tackle on 3rd and 10 that resulted in a TD for Utah. If he goes pro, I’ll always cheer for the guy.

So that’s that. I could talk about JPW, but that deserves an entire post all in itself. He’s done a lot, and never once asked for your approval. He tried hard, having both good and bad moments. I’ll also give an opinion or two on our usually trustworthy defense. Until then, Roll Tide, and let’s get to another BCS game.