Your Weekly Song of The Week: Lake Michigan

So….. yeah, I have not posted much these last few days. It’s the time of year for us college kids where everything seems darker, AKA Finals Week. Lucky for me, I only have two finals left to take this week, so that is something. I had a 4 hour final two Friday nights ago, which was just loads of fun since it was all spent writing an essay. Still, why can’t I enjoy a little bit of music this week?

I’m actually trying to get a weekly series going for you. I’ve tried in the past, but either became too lazy, or had too much to do…. so there wasn’t much consistency. But, this one should be easy enough to keep up. I present your weekly song of the week: “Lake Michigan” by Rogue Wave. I heard this song on the Zune commercials, and wondered it was singing. I guess it’s bad for Microsoft when the band benefits from the commercial more than your product does. Anywho, enjoy the song.