Tap Shoe Lou

I’m busy today. So, I give you…. Lou Holtz.

Gone Nutts With Trick Plays

So I did my usual thing when I get bored; I go on YouTube and look up random Alabama football clips. Somehow, I ended up finding a clip of that trick play Arkansas pulled on Alabama this past season. Naturally, I was not amused. But then I started to wonder, how many trick plays did Houston and Gus pull in 2006? I found three against Ole Miss, Auburn, and Alabama. I had completely different reactions for each video. In order to properly present my range of emotions, I go to the king of feelings; Vice President Dick Cheney.

Ole Miss

So after watching that play, I appreciated the creative formations that Nutt and Malzhan set-up. But to be honest, all he really did was (A) hand the ball off, and (B) run straight through Ole Miss (which is natural for McFadden). My Cheney mood is: Indifferent.


I remember this play pretty well. I was at home, waiting for the right time to leave and to go watch Alabama play. This game put me in such a good mood going into the rest of my day. I had a smile from ear to ear on my face that afternoon. My Cheney mood is: Happy(At least I think that’s a smile)…


I was actually invited to go with some people to see this game in Fayetteville. For some reason, I had a conflicting commitment…. good thing for me. I was able to watch this game, including this pretty creative trick play that caused me some anguish (Mr. Tiffin caused a majority of my anguish that day, even though I still don’t blame him for it). I was in a bad mood all day. And to make matter worse, I had to go meet my girlfriend’s uncle, who is a big Hawg fan, for dinner (don’t worry, she’s a Tide convert). My Cheney mood is: Angry!!!

Is this a dumb post? Probably. But hey, I’m about to go to the beach so all I can say is see ya later! I’ll be back in town before Monday.