My Suggestion To WVU


I don’t say this because of his stay in Auburn, or because Bowden has an annoying personality. I say this because Terry Bowden did nothing to prove to me that he is any good at running a college football program. Yes, he started 20-1-1 at Auburn, but that was with a group of players Pat Dye had recruited and coached up. I don’t like to use this as an excuse for explaining success, but I think Bowden proved this to be the case.

I don’t mean to paint Terry as a bad play caller or anything like that, because I do think he did a respectable job in that area. But, he was never known as a very good CEO of a college program. Tommy Tuberville is a good Manager/CEO, which helps to explain why he has had success at Auburn.

Bowden left Auburn in chaos mid-season, and hasn’t been in the college game in over 8 years. He doesn’t know anything about the Spread offense, probably would not be able to hire a good staff at West Virginia, and would certainly rub a few key boosters the wrong way.

I could be wrong. Bowden was certainly immature during his tenure at Auburn, so maybe being exiled to Orlando did him some good. But, I just have a weird feeling that Bowden would bring down West Virginia if given enough time. If he is hired, I wish him all the luck in the world. He might actually do well enough for me to start pulling for the Mountaineers….. but I just can’t see that happening. Just hire Bud Foster and be happy that you got one of the better DCs in the country.

Bowden YouTube Search Gone Awry

So, I was looking for a few good YouTube videos of Bobby Bowden to help hype up the game this Saturday. I typed in “Bowden”, thinking I would find something noteworthy. Instead, I discovered a guy named Scott Bowden on some Memphis wrestling channel claiming to be the nephew of Bobby Bowden. Maybe Memphis Tider can shed some light on this since I’m not up to date on anything in Memphis, Tennessee.

If he were really the nephew of Bobby, I doubt he would be pulling the late shift in a Memphis wrestling ring. Nothing but a lie, just like wrestling. I’ve never understood the people who follow this stuff and think it is real. Whatever works for you I guess….