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Random Thoughts Meandering Through My Head

If you had told me we’d be 5-0 after the Georgia game, I probably would’ve ran screaming about a loose crazy man bothering me with wild allegations about Alabama football. But here we are as the #2/#4 team in the nation. Can you say signature win? I think Saban just wrote his name on Athens. The players worked hard, and deserve to enjoy this victory while they can.

Celebrate until the Kentucky film arrives

So here are a few thoughts/observations about Saturday’s game:

  • We’ve all been extremely critical of John Parker Wilson over the years, but give the man the game ball for his performance. He went 13 of 16 for 205 yards and 1 TD, managing the game better than anybody could’ve predicted. The yardage and TD pass don’t shock me, but it usually came from a 15 of 35 performance with very little ground support.
  • Hats off to Georgia and their fans for not giving up. 99% of the stadiums in America would’ve been half empty after a 31-0 deficit at the half, but the Blackout crowd stuck around and played a factor.
  • I don’t mean to take away from a good performance from A.J. Green, but can the critics of Julio stop claiming how much better Green is compared to Jones? Julio had more yardage with a TD and 0 turnovers. Green made a rookie mistake, and Jones played a very good game. Green is still an amazing player, but let’s relax on the glorification of the guy.
  • Matthew Stafford is probably the best overall QB in the SEC right now. He had some rough times, but he carried that team down the field without the help of Moreno to score 23 second half points on offense. I’m not the first to say this, but he really does remind me of John Elway.
  • The Defensive Line was great again, although Georgia’s Freshman Center certainly held his own. It was nice to keep Moreno a non-factor for a majority of the night.

I could say more, but there is so much to get ready for this week. The Kentucky Wildcats come to town, and they are far from pushovers. They ride into Tuscaloosa 4-0, having scored just as many points on Western Kentucky as Alabama did. Respect Rich Brooks, respect their Defense, and respect their fans.

Saban Sends Message

Not much needs to be added, considering I agree with all that was said by Coach Saban:

How’d This Get Past Bama Fans?

Not much going on today. I have a few errands to run, so I’ll leave you with an amazingly good video of Saban during spring practice. So go get your straw hats and gray Alabama vests and enjoy!

Why Be A Fan of Saban?

Because the guy is crazy nuts about football, which actually fits pretty well in this state. Here’s an old story from his Dolphin days:

Miami Dolphins coach Nick Saban planned to wait out Hurricane Wilma by watching game film at work. His wife said no.
Nick Saban, coaching against the Bucs on Oct. 16, rode out Hurricane Wilma at home. Now he and the Dolphins must get ready for the Saints in Baton Rouge, La., Sunday.

“I tried to escape yesterday before the wind started blowing so I could come here where we had a generator and watch film and work during the storm,” Saban said Tuesday at the team’s complex. “And Terry politely said, `If you leave the house now, I’m calling the cops and telling them to arrest you.’

“So that was basically the end of that.”

Is it Pete Carroll braves the back alleys at night awesome? No, but it is still cool if you’re an Alabama fan.

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Was Nick Saban Kyle Ardoin’s “Jeremiah Wright”?

No, because he’d actually have to be you know…. involved somehow to actually be worth mentioning in a political race and not a man that brought that town out of the sports doldrums. From 2007:

Is it old news? Well yeah, but I just recently found this stupid video, and did a little research (plus I was lacking a topic of the day). This video was brought to you by the same campaign that sported these political signs. THE QUAD:

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A Taste of Football

Some of the spoils can be hilarious

Belichick In Tuscaloosa

Nick Saban’s annual coaching clinic is this week, playing host to a number of well known football guests. The list is provided by and Gentry Estes:

The Crimson Tide begins its annual coaching clinic Friday with an impressive list of speakers headlined by New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick. Festivities begin tomorrow morning with Virginia coach Al Groh. He will be followed in order by former Tide and NFL player Fernando Bryant, Patriots defensive coordinator Dean Pees.

Certainly an eye-catching list for local high school coaches. Belichick wasn’t supposed to speak until later in the clinic, but Bill isn’t used to being told what to do. He supposedly grabbed the white board from Saban and added his 2 cents during the first session. Take a look for yourself (Pictures provided by m1q32 on the Forum). Just click the picture to view:

clinic1.jpg clinic2.jpg

clinic3.jpg clinic4.jpg

A few observations:
1. Saban might be wearing Vineyard Vines (look for the tiny whale logo). That’s one of the new frat brands to wear, which means Saban shops at the only upscale clothing store in downtown Tuscaloosa. I also can’t help but think of the Urban Dictionary definition for said prep brand:

Vineyard Vines is a new clothing brand best known for its brightly colored polo shirts and colorful ribbon belts. It has not yet been tarnished by GDI’s, and it is not sold in department stores or malls. the logo is a really cool looking whale.

Preppy guy- should i wear my green or pink Vineyard Vines belt with this?
Girl- definetley the green on with the mermaids on it

2. Belichick appears to have dressed much nicer for a high school coaching clinic than this last Super Bowl. Odd guy…

3. Whoever got these pictures is a cool guy in my book.

4. Dean Pees….. heh.

5. Great timing on Al Groh’s part. He gets to escape the state of Virginia after an embarrassing arrest over the week. (

Saban’s Law

So, Saban made a few small announcements yesterday, which left the Alabama fan base wondering about really goes on behind closed doors in Tuscaloosa. Saban did what most people expected by kicking Elder off the team (although it was inevitable), but he did get rather emotional about Rashad Johnson:

“It is a problem. We cannot tolerate poor judgment.”

“Rashad Johnson is a fine person, one of the leaders in our peer group. He has affected more players on this team in a positive way. He’ a fine student, over a 3-point grade point average and I would be very pleased with my children had the character of Rashad. He put himself in a (bad) situation and got caught up in the middle.”

Rumors are floating around that the arrest had a certain racial twist to it. Heck, people on the Finebaum show were accusing the officers of being Auburn fans. I really don’t like it when people start to depend on two things: A) the race card, which is a standard in the world today, and B) blaming the police for the faults of others.

I doubt Saban would publicly accuse the cops of anything, so I’d rather just leave this race issue off of the list of topics of the week. After all, who wants to hear Paul Finebaum have a debate on race with Donnie from Tick Pecker, Alabama?

In other news, Prince Hall was suspended indefinitely for breaking team rules. Will he be off the team soon? Hard to say for sure, but Hall has been in trouble with Saban ever since Nick got to Tuscaloosa. It’s not a true Brian Cook cut, but it is somewhat close if you dissect it long enough. Hall has the ability, but he seems to be lacking the drive (a common theme in the modern era of Alabama football).

In the world of coaching, Kevin Steele is no longer the Defensive Coordinator…. by title. Instead, UGA alum Kirby Smart has been promoted to Defensive Coordinator. As for Steele, he is now the Defensive Head Coach and Assistant Head Coach (because finding ways to fit ‘A’ight’ into every conversation ever is a two man project!). Yes, Alabama will depend on a Tennessee alum to work in harmony with a Georgia grad.

Fear the Tennessee-Georgia marriage laced with Crimson

This probably explains why Steele never accepted that South Alabama job. Smart was rumored to be interviewing elsewhere for a DC job, so Saban did what he could to make both men happy to keep them around for maybe 2 years…. we’ll see. I imagine Steele will leave before Smart will, so we’ll at least have some consistency on the defensive side of the ball in that regard. Besides, it works out well for both parties. Smart gets to finally call plays on defense, and Steele gets to work the rust off of his head coaching abilities in working as the 2nd in command.

Finally, Time Davis replaces Geoff Collins in an administrative role. Davis coached for Pete Carroll as USC’s O-line coach for a few years before running to work with Saban in Miami. He stayed around for the Cameron administration, but it did very little for his career.

We’ll see how things work out. Luckily for us blog types, we get something to chew on for a day or two during an otherwise boring part of the year.

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When Saban Speaks…

He certainly says a lot.

I’ll just leave you with the high points of the press conference as posted on (Paul Gattis):

*Jeremy Elder, arrrested last week for robbery, has been dismissed from the team and has withdrawn from school.

*Prince Hall has been suspended indefinitely and will miss spring practice for violating team rules.

*Zeke Knight, after a visit to the hospital earlier this month, is still undergoing tests and is not participating in the offseason workout program.

*Kevin Steele has been promoted to defensive head coach and Kirby Smart has been promoted to defensive coordinator. Saban said that’s an effort to keep two assistant coaches he values on staff.

*Saban on Rashad Johnson, arrested over the weekend for disorderly conduct, ” Rashad Johnson doesn’t need to get suspended from the team.

*Saban talked at length about building better relationships with everyone in the community in regard to growing number of arrests. Asked specifically if he meant the police, Saban again referred to everyone in the community. He also said he had “tremendous respect” for the police.

*He repeatedly described the arrests as a “family tragedy.”

*He praised new offensive coordinator Jim McElwane and said the offensive staff is working well together.

*On the problems on The Strip, Saban said, “Guys have to learn when to walk away and keep their mouth shut. I have never dealt with what we’re dealing with here.”

*He also said some limitations had already been given to players on where they could and couldn’t go. He declined to go into specifics.

*Glen Coffee, Patrick Crump, Terry Grant, Colin Peek, Roy Upchurch, Jimmy Johns, Rolando McClain and Milton Talbert all had offseason surgeries but all should be ready to go in spring practice starting March 13.