Was There A Draft This Weekend?

Alabama had zero players drafted. None, nadda, zilch. Yes, for the first time since 1970, the NFL did not draft a single Crimson Tide player. Needless to say, there are Alabama players entering the NFL. Justin Britt, Matt Caddell, Wallace Gilberry, and Simeon Castille have all signed free agent contracts, but this message is loud and clear: Alabama does not have the players that the other SEC schools have…. not yet anyways.

We’ve suffered many setbacks over the years, but this one did come somewhat unexpected. While this was set up to be an extremely uneventful draft for Alabama, I and many other Tide fans were expecting 2 or 3 of our guys to be drafted somewhere towards the end. But, it never happened. I suppose the one positive is that this did remind us of one important fact: You must have the horses in order to run with the contenders.

Make no mistake about it, these 3 out of 4 years of mediocrity were not created from thin air. It feels almost like a perfect storm of bad things for Alabama: probation, coaches in strip clubs, poor coaching hires, and a stronger conference overall. While there were plenty of self-inflicted wounds, many Alabama fans were starting to wonder if there was actually going to be any light at the end of this dark tunnel. Now, under the 2nd year of the Saban era of Crimson Tide football, we’re starting to get an actual sense that our program is actually starting to tread on solid ground, but not without some more hardships.

2008 may prove to be another difficult season with a group of tough road opponents, a thin depth chart, and a new offense to learn. But don’t worry, because for once we don’t have to lie to ourselves that things will turn around. Even when Shula had his 10 win season and the fans were talking like everything was ok, there was a sense of uncertainty following that Cotton Bowl against Texas Tech.

Maybe no outsiders can start to see why Alabama fans are excited about Nick Saban. He knows what qualities are needed, and he knows how to attract the stars of the future. Is he able to turn programs around in a blink of an eye? No, even though many Tide fans tried to get ahead of themselves, not even Nick Saban can make magic. Saban’s best quality, aside from recruiting, is his ability to design and construct a program’s infrastructure…. I’ll probably post my thoughts on this in another post for another day.

Right now, there really isn’t much to be gained from gnashing teeth over this issue. While some will probably try to chuckle, this non-drafting day wasn’t anything to derail what is already taking place. Saban is making a BIG impact around the SEC, and he alone is bringing the changes we need. He cleared out the old blood, brought in fresh faces, and has completely redesigned Alabama’s football structure.


Hats Off Mr. Eli

Even though you’re an awkward guy that talks like he has a 10 pound tongue, I have to give you a ton of credit for that big drive towards the end. I don’t think I’ll ever be sure how you got out of that sack, but you made some big time plays towards the end of the game. Be on notice America, we SEC fans have yet another SEC QB to add to the Super Bowl winners list. If only we could get a Big 10 knock in somehow…. yes, this is where I would insert a fark of Tom Brady mocking the Big 10 if there were such a fark. Get on it somebody!

Alas, there is still something that will bug us forever regarding this huge upset. We’ll have to put up with Mercury Morris for another decade, who has already been quoted on ESPN multiple times. If only there were some way to get Alabama fans excited….

Julio Jones? In Tuscaloosa with a group of UA commits? He came on his own free will you say? Woo!

Yes, Julio came to Tuscaloosa for an unofficial. I’ve tried not to talk about recruiting too much before signing day, but this is interesting. Some “Julio!” chants were started, or at least I have been told that was what happened…. but don’t invest too much into small visits like this until it is all said and done. I fully expect the internet to break in the state of Alabama the moment he announce. Keep your fingers crossed I suppose.

Super Bowl Facts of Interest

Who was the last team to beat the Patriots in the regular season? The answer is………. the team once coached by this guy:

Ok, ok, I’ll toss you Tennessee fans a bone. Who has the most recent victory against the Patriots? Mr. Littlefoot himself, Peyton Manning.

There is a funnier cartoon connection involving Peyton’s weak shoulders and long neck, but I just can’t think of it right now.

Jason Taylor Will Eat Your Car

Fantasy Football, eh?

So, the Bama Bloggers have gotten together for a fantasy football league. My team, the Tuscaloosa Rush Babies, did pretty well I think. Here are my players:



So there you have it. What do you think? Did I do Good, Bad, or just OK? I admit I’m not the best NFL guy in the world.


I’ve dropped Brandon Fields for Brian Moorman (still pending). I figured why not grab the only punter who made back-to-back Pro Bowls? I know they’re just punters, but they still give you points in the end.

Why I Should’ve Drafted Marques Colston

Dang…. This only took one take btw.

Mike Vick: Biggest NFL Bust Is A Possibility

If the charges are true, as most people seem to think they are, will we ever see Michael Vick in the NFL again? I say there is a 99.99% chance of the answer being No.

If this is the case, what current or former player should be the happiest about Mike Vick leaving the NFL for good? Mr. Ryan Leaf:


If Vick is out of the NFL for good, Mr. Leaf will no longer be the biggest bust/ waste of talent in the history of the NFL. Mike Vick has the tools to be an amazing playmaker, but he has wasted all of it on dog fighting. Mix that in with an iffy passer rating and you have yourself a mix for the biggest bust in NFL history… which is adding insult to injury to Michael Vick.

But, it isn’t like Michael Vick is a victim in any way, so I’ll be glad to talk about him being the biggest NFL bust for years to come. Besides, it is time to give Ryan Leaf a break. After all, he did give Mike Price a place to crash after being let go at Alabama.

Michael Vick: Busted in more ways than one