Hendrix is “The Total Package”

Alabama defeated Mercer in Macon, Georgia last night by a score of 90-83. Richard Hendrix dominated once again, scoring 28 points with 14 rebounds. Many Alabama fans are starting to call him “King Richard”. The quote of the week comes from ESPN writer Mark Schlabach:

Hendrix did everything against the Bears. Mercer tried to counter with [Brian] Pfohl, a 6-7, 230-pound senior from Atlanta. Pfohl scored 15 points and grabbed six rebounds, but he was no match for Hendrix physically. Pfohl usually plays power forward. His roommate, Sam Dolan, usually plays in the paint but hasn’t played yet this season because of a back injury.

Pfohl’s father is former pro wrestler Lex Lugar, who was once known as the “Total Package.” That moniker was an apt description for Hendrix on Tuesday night. In fact, Pfohl’s best defense might have been using one of his father’s old tactics: hitting Hendrix over the head with a metal chair.

Gold….. pure, unadulterated gold. Lawrence “Lex Luger” Pfohl lives in Marietta, Georgia nowadays, so that would explain why his son attends Mercer.


Such a family resemblance.


One Response to “Hendrix is “The Total Package””

  1. Terry C - NJ Says:

    Brian’s sister is a swimmer.


    I notice The Old Man’s name isn’t even mentioned.

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