Alabama wins 24-20

That was ugly, but an SEC win is always big. Stats are available at, but these numbers are all that matter: 7-0 (4-0 SEC), 45-9-2 against Ole Miss, 5 straight over the Rebs, and Saban moves to 6-1 against them fine Hoddy Toddy folks.

Congrats to Ole Miss and Houston Nutt for that comeback. I have to admit, even though we all like to have some fun at HN’s expense, I hate playing any team he fields. You’re always in for a tight game with that man on the other sideline.

I won’t go into great detail about how bad that 2nd half looked, but here are my thoughts expressed in one picture:


One Response to “Alabama wins 24-20”

  1. Der Schatten Says:

    As soon as Cody went down my fiancee, the non-football observer, even picked up on the complete lack of interest we showed in playing out the second half. I believe her exact words were, “where are your heads?” There may have also been the comment made to me that she, would under no circumstances, be home for the LSU game.

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