SEC Power Poll- Week 7

1. Alabama

Tuscaloosa restaurants had to shut down early this weekend as Andre Smith and Terrence Cody had a Saturday afternoon off. It has been reported that Tuscaloosa County has set off an amber alert for the manager of Bob Baumhower’s Wings restaurant, who ran away screaming after the 10th order of chili cheese fries failed to quench their hunger.

2. Florida

It is now apparent that SEC speed is starting to eat its own.  It’s…. evolving.

3. Georgia

Not great, but acceptable when you’re playing a very confused Tennessee squad.

4. LSU


5. South Carolina

A Spurrier team coming in under the radar? It appears to be true!

6. Ole Miss

The Rebels come into Tuscaloosa without the momentum they had hoped to bring. That Florida victory is looking better, so I imagine people will be preparing for a tough game when Ole Miss comes to town.

7. Vanderbilt

That was fun while it lasted.

8. Tennessee

Still not sure what to make of the Vols. I still think this Stephens kid will work out for them in the long run.

9. Kentucky

Two straight SEC losses? BS! Dicky Lyons out for the year? BS! No Quarterback? BS! Barbara Stanwyck’s initials? BS!

10. Auburn

I’m………. speechless. How do you address such a horrid performance? HOW?!

11. Mississippi State

I’m not shocked that Vanderbilt’s 5-0 joyride crashed against MSU. Starkville is a lifeless void where happy thoughts go to die.

12. Arkansas

I’m glad Bob Petrino got to avoid working on his frown wrinkles this weekend. The Hogs still have a ways to go, but they have something positive to build on.