SEC Power Poll- Week 6

1. Alabama

Some will criticize this group for the close game against Kentucky. Even though it was a sloppy performance, I don’t see how it outweighs beating ranked teams and starting 6-0.

2. LSU

Lesticles vs Tebow’s amazing circumcision powers. Who ya got?

3. Georgia

Mark Richt’s offense might have a few problems with Tennessee’s defense. The good news is that his defense won’t have so many problems against Tennessee’s offense.

4. Vanderbilt

Vanderbilt might be the only team I know that can improve with an injured Quarterback. Very impressive comeback by the ‘Dores.

5. Florida

Even though the Gators beat Arkansas by a wide margin, they still seemed to struggle until the 4th quarter. They can’t pull that kind of stuff against LSU.

6. Auburn

I would say something sarcastic and cutting about Auburn, but I’m not sure if their fans can handle that right now. Their current state of mind isn’t something I want to mess with right now.

7. Kentucky

Kentucky probably won’t win the SEC East, but they sure will give a few folks some problems.

8. South Carolina

Great road win for the Gamecocks. I was starting to worry about the psyche of gamecock fans around the world.

9. Ole Miss

This is a really tricky team to put your finger on. Their trip to Tuscaloosa should still be an interesting match-up.

10. Tennessee

Personally, I am expecting to see the Vols play much better towards the end of the year. Nick Stephens isn’t a Heisman candidate, but he was serviceable against NIU.

11. Mississippi State

The Croom machine could actually catch Vanderbilt off-guard on Saturday.

12. Arkansas

WOOOOO! PIG SOUIEE! WOOOOOO! PIG SOUIEE! WOOOOO! PIG SOUIEE!! RAZORBACKS! Sorry, I figured the hog fans out there needed something to lift their spirits.


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