Alabama Wins 17-14

Yeah, that wasn’t the prettiest game I’ve ever seen. Still, any SEC win is huge if you want to do well in the conference standings. Kentucky certainly did not back down for a full 4 quarters, and that deserves a hat tip to Rich Brooks, Mike Hartline, and whoever else played a key role in that performance.

Alabama had around 400 yards of offense, and only scored 10 offensive points. The cause can be tied to many mistakes by Alabama’s offense and special teams. What helped us out were 1 lucky roll after a mistake, and a case of butterfingers by Hartline. Those two plays kept this from becoming a much tougher game for the home team.

Saban’s reaction to the end of the game reflects the feelings of the entire Alabama fan base.

Yet the odd thing about this win was that the players with the biggest mistakes were able to bounce back and win the game for Alabama. Glenn Coffee had a case of the fumbles, but racked up a Touchdown and 218 yards on the ground. Leigh Tiffin missed 2 FGs, but hit the eventual game winner with 2 minutes to go. The O-line had too many holds for such a veteran group, but they provided the huge holes that gave Alabama that critical 8 minute drive for the last FG. Yes, our offense stunk it up in the 2nd half, but they did what it took on that monster FG drive, which included a midfield 4th down conversion.

It is now clear that Alabama has 3 critical issues that will come back to haunt the Tide later on in the year. They include: inconsistent Quarterback play, depth concerns, and poor Special Teams play. I’ll have more on that later in the week.

The rest of the SEC was good, but not great. Still, the Auburn-Vanderbilt game was a bit shocking. Even though the ‘Dores are ranked, nobody expected them to beat a much more physical and faster Auburn squad. Tiger fans are extremely unhappy about their current situation, so I imagine Tuberville will “encourage” Franklin to quietly send out his resume to non-BCS schools.

Arkansas fans must really be hurting right now. I hope they take some solace in the fact that it wasn’t a bad as the score indicated. Yes, they hung pretty tough for 3+ quarters.

Congrats to South Carolina and Tuscaloosa native Chris Smelley. Some say this was the law of averages for Nutt, but Ole Miss certainly has plenty of holes to fill. You should still give them a lot of respect, because they are dangerous enough to take advantage of a sloppy offense with multiple turnovers (see Florida from last week). I hope we got our turnovers out of us against Kentucky.

I want a grand finish to this post, but I’ve got nothing. Roll Tide.


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