SEC Power Poll- Week 5

1. Alabama

I doubt the drunkest Kool-Aid drinker expected that first half performance. Best resume thus far, although I hope we can keep it going.

2. LSU

A very talented team deserving of their ranking. Still, I do wonder about the amount of points they’ve given up to two of the worst SEC offenses.

3. Georgia

Someone needs to make a movie about that game. They could get Sonny Seiler to be in it! Wouldn’t that be original?

4. Ole Miss

Heck, they deserve a little love this week. First SEC win since sliced bread was created.

5. Florida

Tebow tried to toss his helmet in disgust, but an Ole Miss defender ran up and swatted it away before it could pass the 31 yard line.

6. Auburn

Did Tony Franklin’s comments after the game remind anyone else of Silas from The Da Vinci Code?

7. Vanderbilt

The Ole Miss victory looks better, although I am still not sure about having Vanderbilt ranked in the Top 20 just yet. Prove me wrong Commies, prove me wrong…

8. Kentucky

Rich Brooks figures the best way to attract Kentucky fans to Tuscaloosa is the promise of a shirtless Patrick Patterson leading the team onto the field.

9. Tennessee

Let’s make a golf comparison: Jon Crompton is a Driver in a Putter’s world. Little nuances of the game don’t matter as long as you can get the ball there as hard as you possibly can.

10. South Carolina

The game wasn’t as close as the score indicated. I am not sure how the game in Oxford will go for the Gamecocks.

11. Mississippi State

MSU caught LSU asleep for part of the game. Their defense has given up 38 and 34 points in back-to-back games.

12. Arkansas

I see Arkansas fans waking up early for their football games… the ones that are televised.


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