That 2nd half almost drove me insane, but I’ll take a 41-30 SEC road win against a Top 5 team any day of the week!

Scott Cochran is my new hero, because he  called it! More to come later, because I’ve got the rest of the night to celebrate!

Who’s afraid of a big ole Blackout?


3 Responses to “JOY! SUCCESS! LOUD NOISES!!”

  1. Der Schatten Says:

    Thank God your gut sucks!

  2. Mike Pigott Says:

    Scott Cochran has to be the most popular S&C coach in America.

  3. mike tierney Says:

    Good for AP poll voters to award Bama a No. 2 ranking, thanks to the top spot on 21 of 65 ballots. Curses to the USA Today voters who lifted the Tide only to No. 4, with a lone first-place ballot. Me, I would not hesitate placing the Tide No. 1.

    For more, check out

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