SEC Power Poll

1. Georgia

Need to step it up a bit. Arizona State lost to UNLV, but the Bulldogs need to be careful for their longest road trip in years.

2. Florida

Tebow took a break this weekend, electing to save only 4 or 5 people from burning buildings.

3. LSU

LSU’s first REAL test is coming up this weekend. Insert Tigers vs. Tigers joke here.

4. Alabama

Good win, although that was a big mismatch. Let’s hope we don’t have a Tulane performance against Arkansas.

5. Auburn

Offense was horrid. Where did those hard hats come from? (see Sen’Derrick Marks after the game)

6. Vanderbilt

“I’ve got to keep breathing. It’ll be my worst business mistake if I don’t.” – Steve Martin

7. Tennessee

Crompton was up and down. Arian Foster needs the ball more, assuming he can keep it in his arms.

8. Ole Miss

So-So performance against Samford, a team that isn’t known for playing it close against Div-IA teams.

9. South Carolina

There’s always Wofford.

10. Kentucky

I’m still not sure what to make of this Wildcats squad. Some bigger tests are on the horizon.

11. Arkansas

Arkansas seems to play poorly until the last 10 minutes of a game. Let’s see what happens when a conference opponent comes to town.

12. Mississippi State

I’m not sure what goals MSU’s offense had for this season, but it looks like scoring isn’t one of them.


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