Crimson and White Roundtable

Life has been causing me a bit of stress, illness, and downright confusion. I’m sorry I’ve been out, and I might not post much for a little while.

This week we turn over the keys to Ell from Bama Sports Reports, who provides us with some very good questions. This is a somewhat new blog, but the folks over there have really been churning out some amazing stuff. Give them a read, you’ll find something you will really like.

OK, so here we go:

1. What are your feelings on Alabama’s current position in the polls? Are we overrated? Underrated? Just right?

After that performance against Tulane, Alabama is probably ranked too high. We’ll find out if we’re worth such a rating in the next few weeks.

2. What aspect of the game did Alabama control that shocked you the most? What aspect of the game was Alabama dominated in that shocked you the most?

Um…. special teams?

As for being dominated, I’d have to say just about everything else. We allowed ourselves to be dominated, and we were. The Sousaphone line could’ve blocked better.

3. Name your player of the game on Offense. Also name one on Defense.

Mark Ingram, considering he has been the most consistent player of the very short season. He’s got what it takes, so I hope he stays healthy.

Defense has to be Rolando McClain. This guy was all over the place, showing very few signs of having slide under a moving vehicle while falling of a motorcycle. Take my word for it…. the dude is tough.


4. John Parker Wilson has been called a number of things – most of them not so nice. What do you see in your crystal ball for #14 for the balance of the season?

Listen, I like JP. If John Parker called me up right now, I’d take him out for a drink or two (I’d drive of course). But he has his limits, which means some will never like the guy.

I for one say accept the fact that he can’t do certain things on the field, because then we’ll all be better off. He isn’t Tim Tebow or Matthew Stafford, and that is ok. What John Parker will need to do is accept this fact, and manage the games the best he can, using his skill talent around him properly. If he can keep from trying to re-live his Superman days, he’ll play some-what mistake free football.  I think he can do it, as long as that O-line gives him some protection.

Do I think it will happen? For the most part, but you never know when it comes to Alabama football.

5. Considering that we rushed for 6.5 yards per carry against Tulane, and only averaged 1.6 yards on pass plays, why do you suppose that we passed 27 times and only ran 22 times?

I would guess that Jim McElwain wanted to get something going in the passing game, then decided that he needed to at least achieve something offensively, so he  gave the ball to Mark Ingram. McElwain knows that Wilson needs to develope a position rythmn early on if he is to succeed this year. He’s heard the stories, and has Saban approving of his plays, so I’ll assume Nick thinks the same way.


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