SEC Power Poll- One Week Down

A little bit of house-keeping for the SEC Power Poll. First, we have a new header. It still has that new header smell. Second, we have an official website, set up by Glenn from A Sea of Blue. You can check it out at SEC Power Poll.

Ok, here is my first official ballot.

1. Georgia

A blowout that technically wasn’t a blowout. Still, those last few TDs were given up at the very end by the lower string players. A solid performance overall for the #1 team in America.

2. LSU

For a team with a Division I-AA Quarterback, their performance was almost flawless.

3. Florida

I’ll put them in the 3rd spot, even though I have a few questions on defense. Tim Tebow and company are my pick for SEC East champs, and they did not disappoint against the Warriors.

4. Alabama

Vic Koenning: “Somebody set up us the bomb!”

Nick Saban: “All your Escalades are belong to us.”

5. Auburn

Chris Todd…. the door is to your left. See to it that you keep it from slamming into your hind-quarters.

6. South Carolina

With Nutt and Dick no longer working together, it appear that Smelley and ‘Cocks are the main filth joke for SEC fans everywhere. To be honest, I doubt South Carolina would have it any other way.

7. Tennessee

“Claw-Fense”…. you know it’s good when you have to give it a nickname in order to sell it to the fans.

8. Kentucky

The power of football has shifted in the state of Kentucky. Rich knows this, any could retire “on top” in the eyes of the Wildcat faithful.

9. Ole Miss

Round 2 of SEC vs. ACC: Ole Miss vs. Wake Forest. Houston’s gonna kick himself some Demon Deacon Butt, Giggity!

10. Vanderbilt

Instead of giving you actual commentary, I will provide you with Steve Martin quotes throughout the season describing how Vanderbilt should be feeling at this very moment. They beat Miami, OH, something most people thought they would not accomplish.

The new phone book’s here! The new phone book’s here! This is the kind of spontaneous publicity I need. My name in print! That really makes me somebody. Things are going to start happening to me now!

As “Navin R. Johnson” in The Jerk (1979)

11. Arkansas

They very well could have the worst season in the SEC, but because they actually won, they get to avoid the bottom row for now. ULM is next…. stay on your toes gentlemen.

12. Mississippi State

Croom got “Croomed”, something that I thought was impossible.

Funny question: if Croom gets “Croomed”, does an alternate universe open up where Phil Fulmer weighs 170 lbs, Nick Saban makes $300,000, and Les Miles has a Ph. D from Cornell in English Literature? It just seems like such an anomaly.


One Response to “SEC Power Poll- One Week Down”

  1. Cheryl Says:

    Pretty accurate list, I think. But, what do you think now after Vanderbilt beat SC last night? I was really proud that Vandy got the win.

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