Football Season = Knee Jerk Predictions

1) Alabama will beat a team with the nickname “Tigers” this year.

We’ve got 3 tries this season, and I truly believe we can do it. The best shots will be either this Saturday, or the Iron Bowl, because I’m really not comfortable with that trip down to Baton Rouge, LA.

one…. two…. three! Three Tigers. BWA HA HA HA!

2) The state of Louisiana will start off 0-3 against the state of Alabama.

Even though Les Miles had his fun about UA’s failures against Louisiana last year, he probably picked a bad time to do so. With ULM against Auburn (take into account Tuberville’s ability to focus Auburn’s obsession in wanting to one-up Bama), and Bama’s game against Tulane, Alabama the state will start off 2-0 against LA.

After that, it is probably a good bet that Auburn will beat LSU, based on the fact that they have home field advantage, and the refs really seem to favor the home teams in that series. The big question mark is wether or not it’ll be 0-4 by the time Alabama goes down south. I’d like to be optimistic, but that would be a tall order.

3) Ole Miss beats Arkansas in Fayetteville

Houston Nutt has this rare ability to completely surprise people, while ticking them off at the same time. I think Arkansas will have an up and down offense, but I really do think Nutt has it in him to pull off a road upset, something he’s done many times before.

4) Alabama will have a 1000 yard rusher

Terry Grant played like a man on a mission through most of the year, then he got hurt and really shrunk back into the crowd. Glenn Coffee is a strong, serviceable RB, and really seems to be touching the ball a lot if scrimmage stats are any indication. Mark Ingram seems to be turning a lot of heads, so he could sneak up and grab us plenty of yardage as a 5-10, 220 pound ‘Back.

Mark Ingram

One of these three will do it. If they don’t….. well I guess we know what’ll happen.

5) The number one concern for certain Auburn fans will be to make ULM-Bama jokes

Trust me, it has already started on certain websites. Even though they have a new OC, a QB controversy, and a 6 game win streak over Bama, there are still a number of Auburn fans that will act like an Alabama lose is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Of course, I shouldn’t knock sliced bread, considering that technology reached Lee County about 10 years ago. My favorite quote came from the OA news as the quoted an older lady entering the Supper Club, “You can… SLICE bread? Who knew?!”

I’ll speak for many a Bama fan when I say that while that lose was frustrating, we’ve put it behind us, and really care more about Clemson right now. BTW, enjoy that Auburn joke while you can, considering it’ll probably be the last one on this site until the Iron Bowl.

6) Julio won’t be the Über Receiver in college football

We’re all excited about the guy, at least I know I am. I see a ton of upside and potential in the guy, but he will make Freshman mistakes at some point.He’ll improve as the season goes along, and will probably be a solid contributor come the end of the season.

One thing I hope is that idiot journalists won’t try to make Julio out to be some sort of failure because he bobbled a pass. He really doesn’t open his mouth much, and has yet to say anything close to being arrogant.

7) I will probably become very angry at some point of the season

It’s really the unfortunate reality for most fans of college football. Unless you win the National Championship, you will probably have a point in the season where you just cannot be consoled. The key is to take that emotion, and use it all up doing something productive.

Take my father for example, he used to slam furniture if Alabama made a big mistake. Now, he usually goes outside and takes his frustration out on the backyard, and the pests that try to populate it. He’s never had a prettier yard, and has never had so few vermin.

I usually clean my apartment considering that is all I really have to take care of. I’m unable to improve the building, and I can’t play any music without bothering the neighbors.


2 Responses to “Football Season = Knee Jerk Predictions”

  1. harry Says:

    very cute put more of the rain forest stuff

  2. jedivid Says:

    Love tiger and my Baby girl also she really like the pictures of the cats bring on more

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