Alabama vs Clemson: Talk is Mounting

Even though I had a bit of friendly fun with yesterday’s post at the expense of both programs, things have been fairly civil between Alabama and Clemson fans leading up to the big game. Even the start of game week, things have been mostly positive.

Of course, today could lead to a different mood if this gains the attention of the Alabama media. From Larry Williams of

— Defensive coordinator Vic Koenning raised some eyebrows when asked a general question about Alabama receiver Julio Jones. Koenning has a lot of ties in south Alabama, and that’s where Jones is from.

Koenning’s response:

“I actually ran into Julio in the spring recruiting. I said hello to him. I said, ‘Well, I guess I’ll be seeing you at the end of August.’ And then he got out and got in his Escalade and drove off. That’s serious. And then I went over and watched (Alabama freshman) Burton Scott at Vigor High School at the track over there, and Burton Scott was running around. He went and got in his Escalade out at track practice and drove off. So I’m familiar with those two guys.”

The fuel has been provided. The only question now is whether or not Paul Finebaum will build the fire, a task he is very capable of performing.

What do I think of this? I was over it as soon as I read it. If you’ve lived in this state the last 10 years, you’ve heard your fill of cheating jokes. I’m just shocked Vic Koenning could not think of a better gag. The old “a player got an Escalade” bit has been done before.

Is it a bit insulting? Yes, but I really don’t think it is the equivalent of somebody dissin’ yo momma (I tried to type that last bit as white as I possibly could). It may have hurt in jr. high (even high school), but it just seems rather flat once you get older.

Yo Momma is so fat….

I guess there is extra motivation, which could be a good thing for Julio Jones and BJ Scott. Still, you’ve got the biggest game of the weekend against a Top 10 team… not much extra motivation is necessary. If the South Carolina media starts to press the matter, it could become a distraction for Koenning and Bowden, taking some of their attention away from Bama. But I’m no expert at how they prepare for games, so I really won’t count on that happening either.

Naturally, the SID runs to clean up a potential mess up, something Alabama fans are all too familiar with. Via Greg Wallace of

Clemson sports information director Tim Bourret called me – and I’m assuming some other guys – later on, to let me know that Koenning had sought him out and told him he was not serious when he said that. But you’d better believe those comments will add some fuel to the fire of an already hotly-anticipated game.

This should be an interesting week, and a very exciting game. I’ll have my analysis and more coverage coming up towards the end of the week. Until then, stay safe, and keep Vic Koenning away from microphones.


5 Responses to “Alabama vs Clemson: Talk is Mounting”

  1. Vaughn Winslett Says:

    I never listen to blohards who CANNOT play the game. Its like listening to women talk politics, makes no sense.

  2. TideDruid Says:

    I assume you’re talking about Finebaum. His strengths are invoking drama and following the politics of sports…. and not much else.

  3. SEC This Week » Around the SEC Says:

    […] coach at a powerhouse program in a talent rich part of a state that he makes a recruiting priority. The Tide Druid wrote—What do I think of this? I was over it as soon as I read it. If you’ve lived in this […]

  4. JoeTiger Says:

    But doesn’t Julio have an Escalade?

  5. TideDruid Says:

    He has a used Chevy Tahoe

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