Tom Arnold Attends Practice… Wait, What?

That was my reaction in a nutshell.

I wonder if The Tuscaloosa News thought today was April 1st, because this was an extremely odd headline for the state of Alabama. I thought USC was the only school where celebrities attend practice to stay relevant.

Turns out Tom is a friendly guy (based on what some have said about his time in town), and that he and Mal Moore have a mutual friend. Arnold also claims his son will play football at Alabama someday. (Ian Rapoport)

I want you to know I wondered how to spread this news. Should I do a spoof? Should I do photoshop? No, I decided this story was odd enough as is based on the facts at hand. Oh well, Roll Tide…. Tom.


3 Responses to “Tom Arnold Attends Practice… Wait, What?”

  1. Joe Says:

    It already looks photoshopped. No need.

  2. Chili Says:

    Damnit. Clemson’s fate is sealed. Who can stop you with Tom Arnold on your side?

  3. puigirl Says:

    He really is a nice guy. He’s the son of family friends. He grew up in Iowa. He’s nice. 🙂

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