Dreamland Melds With Bama Football

Depending on where you sit of course. From the Tuscaloosa News:

Ken Wilson, who coordinates catering for the stadium, said Dreamland quarter-pound pulled pork sandwiches, quarter-pound pulled chicken sandwiches, smoked sausage, barbecue nachos and banana pudding have been added to the menu.

The items will be available at five of the 50 concessions locations in the stadium: one on the field level at gate 12, two on the mezzanine level, one on the west upper deck and one on the east upper deck.

The barbecue nachos also will be available wherever regular nachos are sold within the stadium.

Big Daddy would be pleased


6 Responses to “Dreamland Melds With Bama Football”

  1. Dave(not that one, the other one) Says:

    I wasn’t aware that Dreamland made any of those items. I guess this will be generic smoked meat with Dreamland sauce on them.
    It’ll be tasty i’m sure.

  2. TideDruid Says:

    The newer Northport location has some of this stuff, although the original has stuck with the ribs and white bread format.

    I’m looking forward to BBQ nachos.

  3. Willy Mac Says:

    Sorry to bring you down but I can’t stand Dreamland. Stopped there on the way back from New Orleans and just didn’t like it. I can’t trust a BBQ place that doesn’t serve pulled pork.

  4. lowery Says:

    “no beans, no potato salad, don’t ask”

    The daughter has made a pretty penny bastardizing dreamland since the old man passed.

  5. Dave(not that one, the other one) Says:

    It’s really all about the sliced bread and the warm sauce Willy Mac, but the ribs really are fantastic when not bought on game day (they rush them too much on those days).

    Still BBQ is such a regional taste. Carolinians seem to have 2 types the mustard and the vinager. Georgia seems to soak their pulled pork in a vinager type sauce. (at least they did in Middle GA where i grew up). Bama’s got White Chicken sauce and a thousand types of pulled pork from vinager to thick ketchupy stuff. And lets not even get in to Memphis, Texas and KC styles…

  6. gerry dorsey Says:

    “And lets not even get in to Memphis, Texas and KC styles”

    i can’t speak intelligently on kc bbq, but i definitely can alabama and texas…so i’m curious as to what your thoughts on texas bbq are.

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