Day Off

After the rather shocking success of yesterday’s post, I’m afraid it will have to be followed by a rather unimpressive post since I have a full schedule. I guess I’m a bit of a failure today.

Sound it out

I’ll have something better up tomorrow, but today there isn’t much to really pull from, unless you want to go nuts over some Saban tirade that people will never remember by the weekend. For now, here are a few videos of practice:


2 Responses to “Day Off”

  1. Hey Says:

    Hey, I thought you were going to stop all this??

  2. Willy Mac Says:

    I didn’t get a chance to tell you this, but way to go on that article. I didn’t stop shitting myself for an hour. Of course, that could have been the questionable left over salmon that I had for breakfast, but, whatever.

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