Roundtable Round-Up

Well, it is the end of the week, which means it is probably time for the CW Roundtable Round-Up. Last time I gave you the “Price Is Right” treatment, but when it comes to this Round-Up, I’m pretty much lost.

I forgot what I was supposed to say

So, in accordance with a no frills Round-Up, here’s the line-up:

Todd: Roll Bama Roll, TideFaninTN: Third Saturday in Blogtober, Ell: Bama Sports Report, Memphis Tider, Gerry Dorsey: Uncle Rico’s Time Machine, Will Heath: DBH Dance Party

Find the answers by clicking the link below.

1) Complete this sentence: Alabama’s biggest improvement from the 2007 season will be __________.

(Todd: Roll Bama Roll)-Pass defense. Kareem Jackson has a season’s worth of experience now, and for all of his upside last year the true freshman in him still showed at times. That should be rectified, while the Strong Safety position should also have someone a little more capable manning it this year. Marcus Carter wouldn’t have started at any other SEC school, but guys like Ali Sharrief and Justin Woodall have both the talent and now the experience of being in the system for a year to compliment Rashad Johnson in the middle. Plus, Mark Barron. I’m just saying. Finding another corner or two is imperative, but I think Arenas will be given every opportunity to prove himself (especially as the nickelback) while Marquis Johnson apparently improved enough over the offseason to play with the first team during the spring while incoming guys like Lester and Green could also make an immediate impact. Whoever is out there, though, should be an improvement over last year and we should start seeing better and better coverage as the season wears on.

(Ell: Bama Sports Report)-Quarterback play. We’ve heard a lot about McElwain’s more “quarterback friendly” system, and how it’ll change the game for John Parker Wilson. Count me among those who believe. Wilson is working harder than ever before, he’s more experienced, and he clearly has all the tools to be a better than adequate college quarterback. This is the season he puts it all together.

At least he damn well better.

(Gerry Dorsey: Uncle Rico’s Time Machine)- Consistency. after cleansing many of the attitude problems (some through graduation, some through “natural selection”), and another year under the saban, i’m expecting more complete 4 quarter performances. with every loss being by 7 points or less last year, a little more consistency would have gone a loooooong way.

2) Who will be the unsung hero of the 2008 Crimson Tide? This is a player that hasn’t received any pre-season attention, nor will he receive any post-season attention from the media. Yet without his presence, the Tide would be lost.

(TideFaninTN: Third Saturday in Blogtober)Ali Sharrief.  This kid is simply a gamer and really came on strong toward the end of the season and in the Spring.  He’s probably not going to start and may only be used as a nickel back, but he is reliable and a quality cover man.   He’s not going to do anything flashy, but he’s also not going to get beat very often, and that’s all you can ask from him, whether he lines up at safety or nickel (star) back.

(Memphis Tider)-I think I may have to go with Mike Johnson. I think he’s gonna bring a lot of consistency to the RG position. He couldn’t hold up at right tackle because he wasn’t quick enough, but he’s a stud, and guard is his natural position anyway. He’ll make our running game more effective, and give JP more time to sit back in the pocket and find open receivers. It’s all about the progression in the pocket. Another option here could end up being Tyler Love. If he can sew up the right tackle slot, this line could be the best in the country. We haven’t had somebody that could actually protect the QB on that side of the ball in years.

(Gerry Dorsey: Uncle Rico’s Time Machine)- I’m going to stick with an answer i’ve been giving much of the summer, and that is lb eryk anders. the numbers alone dictate that he’s going to play, and he looked pretty solid in the spring game. i feel like he’s a guy who may not put up gaudy numbers, but will log a lot of very valuable playing time given the situation at his position.

3) This is a rather vague question considering we haven’t even started fall practice, but what bowl game should we expect for this Alabama team?

(Ell: Bama Sports Report)-Seven or eight wins is a very reasonable regular season goal. Assuming that (and assuming one of the losses is Clemson), we’re staring a third place SEC West finish right in the eye. I’m of the opinion that the SEC will have 2 teams in the BCS again this year. That means Alabama stares the Cotton, Peach and Outback Bowls right in the eye. The Cotton gets first grab from the West… a cold New Year’s in Dallas is probably in store for us.

(Will Heath: DBH Dance Party)- Something other than Shreveport. Taking Auburn’s place in one of those Florida bowls against either Penn St. or Wisconsin sounds cool, also.

(Memphis Tider)-Peach bowl. We haven’t been there, I don’t believe, and an 8-4 or 9-3 season will definitely get us there. Plus, we want to get into Atlanta as many times as possible. All about recruiting bro. Haha.

4) This next one has to do with the recent hub-bub over the sabbatical Kenny Stabler is taking from the radio broadcast. I would like you to pick your ultimate Alabama football radio broadcast team. Pick an announcer, color analyst, a sideline reporter or two, and anything else you’d like to add.

(Will Heath: DBH Dance Party)- In an ideal world, Alabama would hire the best play-by-play guy in the game — Atlanta’s Wes Durham — flank him with a color analyst who doesn’t say much and that would be that. But since Durham probably won’t leave his gig with Ga. Tech and the Falcons, that’s a pipe dream.
Thus, in their place, I’m adding myself. And I’m bringing my dad along with me, with the condition that he understand that we’re not allowed to swear on live radio.
And if we must have a sideline reporter, which I despise, I say bring Jerry Duncan out of hiding and let him go.

(TideFaninTN: Third Saturday in Blogtober)Announcer – John Moschitta Jr.  Don’t know who that is?  If you’re my age, you’ll know him when you hear him. He’s the guy from the Micro-Machines commercials.  There’s simply too much going on pre-snap that doesn’t make it into a radio broadcast.  No concern there with John at the mic.  Plus, if the new clock rules accomplish what officials hope they do, you’re going to need someone who can combine rapid-fire delivery with intelligible excitement.

Color Analyst – Christopher Walken.  I probably don’t even have to explain this one.  Honestly, he wouldn’t even have to talk about the game he was watching (John Madden doesn’t have to pay attention.  Why should Walken?).  Screw the time delay between radio and TV.  I’m listening to this every time.

Sideline reporter – Terry Saban.  Coach Saban can spin together meaningless rhetoric so strong that it’s five minutes later before you realize he didn’t really answer the question.  Mrs. Saban seems to be able to get him to cut through all that and get right to the point.  If she can do that with the Nicktator, I’m betting she has the players eating out of her hands.

Spotter – Brother Bill Oliver.  He was the best DC of his era.  Might still be if he were in the game, and part of his gift was being able to pick up on personnel and formation changes and adjust his defense before the snap.  That’s pretty much the definition of this job.

Pre-game show – any Southern African-American preacher.  Admittedly, I’m thinking of a very specific pastor who I don’t want to name by name, but he’s the bishop of our conference and I heard him preach this past Sunday.  Fired. Me. Up.  “Can I get a Roll Tide?”  Broadcast from the Quad then watch as Bryant-Denny becomes the loudest stadium in the country.

(Todd: Roll Bama Roll)-I shall answer in the language of YouTubetry:


Color Analyst

Sideline Reporter


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  1. gerry dorsey Says:

    good stuff td…thanks for hostin’.

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