Sick PC and Dave Hart

Sorry for the MIA status, but my computer has been sick today, and I’m not sure when it will get better.

Get well soon

But there is some important news that you’ve probably heard: Mal Moore may have his successor, and his name isn’t Ozzie Newsome.

Dave Hart, the former Florida State AD has been hired by Alabama, who will “assist current AD Mal Moore with the day-to-day operation of the athletic department, sources have told The Tuscaloosa News.” (Tuscaloosa News). AKA, probably the next in line once Mal retires.

Some Alabama fans wanted Ozzie because of his Bryant status and his high profile job with the Baltimore Ravens. While I think Ozzie is a good business man, there are some differences between being an NFL General Manager and a College AD. Hart is an Alabama man as well, playing basketball under C.M. Newton back in the day.

For some reason, FSU seems to have plenty of Alabama connections, and vise versa.

This seems like mixture of our last two hires. Some people wanted an experience AD, so we hired that Bockrath character, who ended up running off Gene Stallings. After Bockrath left, some felt that we needed an “Alabama man”, somebody that understood the University of Alabama. So we turned to Mal Moore, who had very little administrative experience in the College landscape. Now, we have a bit of both in Dave Hart. He’s younger than Mal, has experience as an AD, and has Alabama connections.

Maybe it will work, maybe it won’t. I really don’t know that much about Hart.


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