Crimson/White…. ROUNDTABLE!!!

Back to back roundtable posts…. I’m tempted to just bask in the glow. After all, blogging is serious business, and society should always appreciate when we bloggers bestow our graceful wit and insight to you, the reader.

In all seriousness, I am the host of this week’s roundtable. I have thought long and hard about what questions to ask our roundtable members. I’ve tried to avoid repeating everything in previous topics, providing questions that I hope will cause everyone to not only think, but have a healthy conversation in the comments section. We’ll see if it is successful or not.

1) Complete this sentence: Alabama’s biggest improvement from the 2007 season will be __________.

Alabama’s biggest improvement from the 2007 season will be the Offensive Line. Yes, I will drink the O-line kool-aid. We have a senior Center and a stud of a Left Tackle, two positions that are of great importance in football today. If they can finally live up to expectations (and I think they will), our offense might finally start rolling.

2) Who will be the unsung hero of the 2008 Crimson Tide? This is a player that hasn’t received any pre-season attention, nor will he receive any post-season attention from the media. Yet without his presence, the Tide would be lost.

Most people might not look to the special teams, but I think it could very well be Leigh Tiffin. I know that Corey Smith may end up being the better Kicker when it is all said and done, but I think Tiffin will be somebody we need to perform. Kickers rarely get the praise unless they hit a big field goal against a big time opponent, but they sure do seem to get the blame when it comes down to missing a kick or two (see Arkansas 2006).

He seemed like he was trying very hard to improve last year, and I think we could all agree that he gave us a good effort throughout the season. He’ll have experience on his side this year, which will hopefully mean a good performance in Fayetteville and many other road games.

3) This is a rather vague question considering we haven’t even started fall practice, but what bowl game some we expect for this Alabama team?

No more bitter cold nights in Bossier City/Shreveport for this blogger. If I had to just pick it right now, I’d pick either the Peach Bowl (stick with this name!!) or the Outback Bowl. I’d take a Liberty Bowl, but I would not be an extremely excited Bama fan.

4) This next one has to do with the recent hub-bub over the sabbatical Kenny Stabler is taking from the radio broadcast. I would like you to pick your ultimate Alabama football radio broadcast team. Pick an announcer, color analyst, a sideline reporter or two, and anything else you’d like to add.

Eli Gold 2.0 (Announcer): I know some don’t like how he rambles on, or how he fails to mention the down, time, and score, but Eli is a great talent that I don’t think we really need to let go at this point. I’d upgrade him to Eli 2.0 so we could get the down, time, and score more often, but I still like Eli all the same.

Joe Namath (Color Analyst): I know, some opposing fans might giggle at my choices of replacing a man with alcohol issues with another man with past alcohol issues, but I don’t care at all. The radio broadcast is for Alabama fans. Namath brings years of experience, blunt honesty, and great personalities that would delight listeners to no end.

Barry Krauss and Shaun Alexander (Sideline Reporters): Even though I’m still hoping for Shaun to get another shot at the NFL, I understand that his days would be numbered even if he got a contract. But, if he was willing to participate in state wide radio broadcast, I think Shaun would give the younger Tide fans a thrill on the radio. He’s friendly, humble, and just plain popular. I think Krauss has done an excellent job so far, so I’d keep him.

Tom Roberts (Pre/Post-Game Host): I like Tom, I really do. But, he isn’t a color analyst, and really does well with the radio show (even though some of his questions are not the best in the world). He’s loyal to Alabama, and has a good cadence while on the air.


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