More Lawsuit Action. Auburn May Benefit


Here is a link to said Subpoena

-End of Update-

And get this, it is totally unrelated to Ronnie Cottrell, Tommy Gallion, Ray Kellar, or Logan Young.

In fact, it has to do with somebody claiming he was never associated with Alabama in the first place (the University of Alabama has been trying like crazy to get past all of this time and time again, so I doubt they knew about whatever the heck is going on.) This one involves Wendell Smith:

Kenny Smith, a defensive lineman at Stevenson High School, originally signed with Alabama after the 1996 football season but didn’t qualify academically and later went to Tennessee.

Wendell Smith’s lawsuit names the NCAA and members of the Committee on Infractions, including chairman Thomas Yeager. It is unrelated to a suit filed in Tuscaloosa by former Tide coaches Ronnie Cottrell and Ivy Williams against the NCAA, Alabama and a number of individuals.

“My main concern is with the NCAA,” Wendell Smith said. “I don’t want to do anything to hurt the University of Alabama.”

He has admitted giving Kenny Smith $20,000 in the mid-1990s and arranging financing for three automobiles for the player’s family. But he maintains that it had nothing to do with Alabama.

Fulmer was served the subpoena at SEC Media days in shocking fashion as nobody- and I mean NOBODY- saw this coming.

You wonder about the title? Oh well, Fulmer has to testify days before the Tennessee-Auburn game, something that should benefit the Tigers greatly as Fulmer will have to worry about yet another legal threat.

I think I speak for a majority of Alabama fans when I say I’m tired of this stuff. We’ve all tried to move on time and time again, but people just keep bringing it back up. Were there some shady tactics on the part of the NCAA by breaking their own rules in order to gain testimony? Yes, but the past is the past. The NCAA is an ineffective organization now since you can in fact sue them repeatedly to dissprove what they were saying (see Alabama cases, Rick Neuheisel, etc.)

Sure, I know there will be fans who will jump for joy (there are these kind in every fan base) who might make up some of Finebaum’s caller base today. But, as I’ve said before, I know many more who want to get over this ASAP.

I’m excited about Alabama football’s future, and I certainly don’t want its past to stay the main topic for 10 long years.


One Response to “More Lawsuit Action. Auburn May Benefit”

  1. Pete Holiday Says:

    This isn’t really about Alabama anymore, except in a very oblique sense.

    This is the legal system, and there’s a plaintiff who wants his day in court. It’s a law suit between someguy and the NCAA, and Fulmer walked into it by playing such a key role in the events that led to the suit.

    If Fulmer and the NCAA had done things above board, there’d be no suits and no subpoenas. It doesn’t appear to be an attempt to re-litigate the sanctions in different forum, from where I’m sitting.

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