Les Miles and SEC Personality

A few days ago, LSU coach Les Miles took what some would call a shot at Alabama:

“not to make too much of that game, as it seems like a lot of teams in Louisiana beat that team.”

While there are those that seem to be somewhat upset with that statement (trust me, not nearly as many as you would think), I am not. The SEC is in need of some coaches that have personalities… but more on that later.

What I do take issue with is Les backing down when pressed for another statement by trying to suck-up to those he joked about:

“I want you to know something, I have great respect for the University of Alabama”

Listen Les, if you’re going to take a crack at an opponent, stick with it. Don’t take shots when you’re safe at home, only to back down when you enter enemy territory. Even though you’ll take some heat from some in this state, you’ll gain my respect for standing behind what you say. If you don’t want to support your statements, then don’t say them in the first place…ok? It seems somewhat two-faced to me.

this is the best photoshop you’ll get

As mentioned earlier, I don’t take issue with what he said for a few simple reasons:

1) We lost those games. I promise you I’ll forever be angrier with every Alabama person involved in letting ULM win than a Louisiana coach talking to a group of LSU alums in some random hotel ballroom.

2) The SEC needs more personality during the off-season. Some might do a double take and wonder how such a conference with fanbases and players like no other could be in any more need of personality, but I stand by what I say (see Les, it isn’t hard.)

With the exception of Miles, Saban, Nutt, and sometimes Richt (see Cocktail Party), the other coaches are lacking in flair and media grabbing statements. Yeah, there’s Spurrier, but I really question how much longer he’ll stay.

Ever had to sit through an interview involving Bobby Petrino, Bobby Johnson, or Urban Meyer? It’s boring! They either try too hard not to say anything inflammatory, or just lack personality all-together. Tuberville is the king of passive aggressive jabs, but he too can be dull when avoiding statements that will tick people off outright. Fulmer says “heck” a lot, but not much else outside of actual football. Croom and Brooks? They can be ornery, but I don’t actually pay attention to them outside of game day.

The coaches are the stars of this league, and they make the games so much more fun.

Now, you don’t have to just make jokes about your opponents to provide the fans some flare. Take Houston Nutt for instance… (pictures provided by Razorback Expats, EDSBS)

His statements don’t make headlines (most of the time), but he is without a doubt the best physical comedian of the SEC!

Have I rambled too much? Probably. Enjoy SEC Media Days where Nick Saban will be present on Thursday.


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