Alabama Changes Online Store

The Alabama Bookstore, a long-time independent bookstore located on the strip next to campus, has lost their status as the official online store for Now, the University is giving the contract to a Florida based company. From The Tuscaloosa News:

The company is the official store of the Southeastern Conference along with six other NCAA athletic conferences, two NFL teams, an NBA team and 13 other NCAA schools. The site also offers fan gear for 354 NCAA teams and all professional teams.

“We’re able to capitalize on economies of scale and really devote resources to customer service,” Swallow said.

David Jones, owner of the Alabama Bookstore, sent an e-mail to customers last week alerting them to the change. He said he’s not bitter, but is disappointed the contract went to an out-of-state firm.

“It’s a huge company, and I’m sure they’ll do a good job,” Jones said. “But they are not Alabama graduates. You’d think this university would be loyal to its graduates.”

Make of that what you will.

Speaking of Alabama merchandise, the new Nike sideline shirts are in (I think):

Still Nike-fied, but an improvement over last year. I do have one simple question for the “Just Do It” brigade…. why can’t you simply use regular buttons on the shirt? I swear, every year when they release these things they have at least 2 different types of buttons around the collar area. (see the two reds and a pearl snap button from a few years ago).

You know it’s the offseason when bloggers are belly-aching over the buttons on a golf shirt.


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