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So I went to the Books-A-Million in Tuscaloosa this evening, hoping to relax while I explored the different sections of the store. As I went to the register to check-out (I found a small humor book on sale), I noticed something on a shelf underneath the cash register that screamed “BUY ME!”

Yes, the boys from Roll Bama Roll (see link on the right) apparently have such a hot item, that many locations around Alabama cannot stand to wait until the July 15th release date (today is the 14th). So, if you want a great read with humor, insight, and a bevy of information, “Yea Alabama” is for you.



3 Responses to “Support Your Local Blog”

  1. gorjus Says:

    Whoo! Thanks for the heads up. Wish the Nicktator weren’t so sour in that photo!

  2. Todd Says:

    Thanks for the plug. And obviously, there are no pictures of Saban not looking sour.

  3. tmc1 Says:

    looks god to me….. I will check it out… thanks Druid.

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