Kenny Stabler Out of Radio Booth

Former Alabama QB (and now former Color Analyst) Kenny Stabler will not return to the radio booth for the 2008 season. From

Kenny Stabler will take a 1-year leave of absence from his duties as color analyst calling University of Alabama football games.

Stabler worked on the broadcast team with Eli Gold broadcasting Crimson Tide football games. Leerfield Communications is expected to release a statement later this afternoon.

Stabler was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol in June. He has two previous DUI charges from arrests in 2001 and 1995.

Longtime Alabama sideline reporter Tom Roberts will take his place during this “leave of absence”.


2 Responses to “Kenny Stabler Out of Radio Booth”

  1. crimson daddy Says:

    Tom Roberts….Ooh, I can’t wait.

  2. WesBama Says:

    Tom Roberts has been around the program for quite a few years and will do a good job. But Kenny Stabler’s analyses will be really missed.

    Hey but if we have a great year, even Eli Gold will sound good.

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