Learn A Lesson

Any time I hear Auburn fans claiming Tuscaloosa is so dangerous, I do chuckle. I understand the effects of a rivalry and a player getting arrested, so don’t think I’m bothered by opposing fans cracking jokes. What does bother me is how certain people act like this is only a Tuscaloosa issue. I guess some just get a little too pompous for their own good:

Tuscaloosa and Compton grow more and more similar by the day.

Yes, opposing fans will chuckle, but I do have to wonder why they tend to pretend the town of Auburn is immune to crime and drugs given the recent track record:

An Auburn man convicted of running a methamphetamine distribution ring is headed to federal prison.

US Attorney Leura Canary said 30-year-old Judson Marshall Cox was sentenced to 27 years on Friday in Montgomery federal court.

In February, Cox and four other defendants pleaded to conspiracy and distribution of meth.

Canary said the drug ring distributed between 15 and 20 pounds of meth in Atlanta, Auburn/Opelika and Montgomery from August 2004 until October 2005.

It’s a national problem my friend. Please don’t let your arrogance get in the way again.


4 Responses to “Learn A Lesson”

  1. gorjus Says:

    Make no mistake–using “Compton” as their code word let’s them get their point across that much more plainly. Jackasses. Even the smallest town has their problems.

  2. willheath Says:

    As someone who grew up in Opelika, I know the answer to your accusation: it’s those Opelika people who cause so much trouble. Didn’t you know that? Opelika is a gangster town. The people there are bad and evil and dangerous. They’re the ones who cause all the trouble for all those great, nice, wonderful people who live in Auburn. Auburn is great and perfect, and if you knew anything, you would know that.
    /sarcastic bitterness towards my home folks


  3. tmc1 Says:

    Oddly enough unless I can get a better hotel reservation. I will probably have to spend a few nights in Compton. (or at least Inglewood.) I will be in the states Sunday AM. Maybe I will get back home to bama to see you guys. If not, Be safe and be good. And please avoid that hellish Sodom and Gommorah we call Tusacaloosa.
    If I get caught in any gangland actvity I will just flash a “T” So that the thugs in LA will see I am from Tuscaloosa and will be too afraid to mess with me……………………….

  4. tmc1 Says:

    Yep I spent 2 nights in a hotel in Compton, And having been to T-town they kner to get steppin when I walked down the strip… EASTSIDE!!!

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