My Obama Rant

Yes… it has been a while.

As a concerned citizen of the United States of America, I’ve tried to keep this blog mostly sports related since that is why I started this entire blog. But, the news is slow, and we’re being hit with political jab after jab during this 2008 Presidential Campaign. So, in the spirit of at least having something to post, I would like to address one issue that has been bugging me as of late. I promise to not force political news and views on you everyday. If I say something once, that’s all I’ll have to say about it.

The issues involves Senator Barack Obama of Illinois. As the first black candidate, he is obviously garnering some attention most candidates wouldn’t receive under normal circumstances. Some of it is good, and some of it is bad. It’s going to be somewhat long, so please click the link below to view the rest.

What really bothers me about this whole process of an election is how certain people are reacting to Obama, and I’m not talking about what his policies are.

Take the side of the country that supports Barack Obama. I have no problems with them voting for this man, seeing as America was based on freedom of choice. What I do have a problem with is how some of them seem to be supporting him/letting him slide on certain issues because: A) he talks about “CHANGE” and “HOPE” is fairly vague terms, playing on their dislikes for President Bush, and B) because he is a black man running for an office held only by white men.

A prime example of this is best summed up by Deadspin contributor Drew Magary on why he is voting for Obama:

I’m voting for Barack Obama this fall. Now, I have lots of reasons to do it, all of them blatantly self-serving. Don’t like Obama? Feel like voting for McCain? Fine by me. I’m not interested in starting any sort of political flame war. But the main reason that I’m voting for Obama is because he offers something that McCain does not: an opportunity for me to “be a part” of a historic moment.

It’s an inescapable fact for both candidates that a black man winning the White House would be a far a greater milestone in American History than if another oldass white guy were to keep the streak alive. The reason Obama can talk about change all the time without getting too specific is because he doesn’t have to get specific. He IS the change. The act of him winning, by itself, has a huge impact.

So there’s something immensely appealing to me about the prospect of living through that sort of moment. I was born in 1976. I have lived through exactly one seminal moment in American history, and that was 9/11. I would very much like something to counterbalance it. I’d like to bear witness to history and not feel ashamed for the odd kind of thrill it provides. I’m voting for the moment as much as I’m voting for the man.

Now, this is where my youthful ways may misguide me, but I consider true change to be how people react to, and view, Barack Obama the politician’s political platform, and not how they view him as Obama the Black guy running for the White House. As a child of the late 1980’s and 1990’s, I grew up in schools with Black friends, black neighbors, and black teachers. To a majority of my generation, Black people really aren’t any different from Whites, Asians, Latinos, and the rest (at least I’d like to think so).

Oh sure, I’d say kids in the south are more aware of what relations were like in the south during the 1960’s and 1970’s due to our parents, but we really can’t comprehend what it was like because we weren’t there. We were raised in a different time. I care about knowing what Obama will do as the leader of the free world so much more than whether or not he is the first Black President. While it is an important milestone, how will that affect how he handles the War in Iraq, national debt, and rising gas prices? I’d honestly like to know.

As for the hope and change bit, it really doesn’t sound any different from the usual political mumbo jumbo we get during election years. Everyone running for a new office offers change and reform, with a majority of them changing very little.

The Anti-Obama folks that freak out over his any of his flubs, or act like his middle name is a big deal also bother me. Now I’m not planning on voting for the man, but I don’t care if he is name Hussein or not. As mentioned early, I prefer hearing about what he plans to do, and not what he did 20 years ago as a college freshman. Basically, I want to know what the Obama of today will affect America, not the Obama of yesteryear. Now, if the Obama of yesteryear is the Obama of today on certain issues, then that is ok, as long as we don’t turn into low class trash, such as calling Michelle his “Baby Mama”. Did you know he is going to raise, if not double, both the Capital Gains tax and Dividends tax if elected President? No, but I’m sure you know that he doesn’t wear a lapel pin of the American flag all the time.

Let’s look at Obama the candidate and person, not Obama the king of wonders or Obama the devil with an unfortunate middle name, before we form our opinions him. Please just avoid all of the attacks or blind loyalty in general.

Ok, no more political rants for a long time, I promise you. Take care and God Bless!!


8 Responses to “My Obama Rant”

  1. Bobby Says:

    He’s a socialist, anti capitalist and a liberal.
    That’s enough reason right there to not vote for him.

  2. Karen Says:

    I am an educated American born citizen and I DO care about Obama’s name. I care more about his beliefs and political policies than anything else. He is an extremely liberal left and I am a conservative. He will take us down the same road as Jimmy Carter did and even farther. Do the research folks….I am amazed at the stupidity of people to “be a part of history”… if that is your candidates platform then we are sunk. I already know that Obama will bring the troops home and legalize the illegals in this country. I already know the tax hikes he proposes….he wants government control and you certainly WILL be a part of history when you want to buy a certain car and you are not allowed to because ?global warming”…or you want to go to your family doctor, and they will not take you because you are not on the list because we now have national regulated healthcare! Just to name a few… sign up for history…with the democrats in control of the Congress and White House we will certainly make HISTORY…
    Please read the politics of the candidate….we are NEVER going to agree with everything, but the safety of this nation and our FREEDOM is most important. If we do not protect our freedom then we will one day have no choice.


  3. AUGirl Says:

    Typical State of Alabama point of view…Obama is the voice of Hope and Change and that has nothing to do with the color of his skin for me. The fact that there is promise for brighter days, especially with what is happening in America right now is enough for me…Barack The Vote…Obama for President! Oh yeah, The Jimmy Johns comment was not funny, in fact it was pretty sad…there is nothing funny about a kid ruining his life!!

  4. cmyster Says:

    typical auburn fan point of view, obama is an anti american fake and liar ,and i here by show my respect for the person who wrote this story oh and by the way i thought that the jimmy johns comment was funny but dont even get me started on him!!!

  5. moondogleft Says:

    Excellent post Druid. I wrote a piece last week calling out Obama for his policy positions and the fact his campaign is built on smoke and mirrors.

    In addition, I wrote a piece about Obama several months ago why race doesn’t make you presidential. You’re either qualified or not, and in Obama’s case, I considered him the least qualified candidate and still do.

    Being a product of the 60’s and 70’s I can tell you things were much different. Especially for me; I went to private schools and didn’t have much exposure to blacks until I was a teenager. I’m dismayed to know so many poorly educated voters are going to cast a vote because of race.

    That’s not going to solve the problems of our nation. I’m not a McCain fan, in fact, I’m a staunch independent with populist views. I’m convinced we’ll never get truly representative government until a viable third party can produce a legitimate candidate.

  6. AUGirl Says:

    Cmyster, my opinion, has nothing to do with being an Auburn fan are you that ignorant to think that the world, even more politics cares about Auburn and Alabama football…only we do. Are you that ignorant to think that only Alabama fans are against Obama (if so let me introduce you to my fiance’) and Auburn fans are for him…I refuse to believe that one can be that simple minded, and if so you make your entire fanbase look bad with your ignorance. I think Obama is a powerful man, with a powerful message, and will do great things…you on the other hand disagree Oh well…That’s America. But for you to say that he is anti-America is ridiculous and falls right in line with the stupid comments Anti-Obama people make that Tide Druid referred to. How is he anti-America? When he was born of a White American mother, born in American, and raised by his White American grandparents.

  7. 3rd Down H-Back Says:

    I see this spirited conversation turned into a “All Barners liberals and all Bammers neo-cons” thing way too quick.

    And Druid, I agree with you 100%. Anyone can talk about change and making history but the real question is will that be a positive change and positive history?

    Pulling out of Iraq would mean that over 4,100 US servicemen have died for nothing there. It would become a training ground for the Shia-based terrorist organizations (Hezbollah, Quds Force) to go kill Sunnis, and vice verse. Hez and Quds make Al-qaeda fuckers look like the B-team. There shouldn’t be a open area for the next wave of terrorists to train and practice in.

    And no one seems to give a shit about the futures of the Iraqis that have helped to work for a national future with US forces. What do you think is going to happen to any Iraqi that ever served in the Iraqi Army, Iraqi Police, served as an intelligence source against insurgents, or accepted a role in the new Iraqi government? Those Iraqis are going to be fished up downstream by a farmer along the Tigris and Euphrates. Anyone who doesn’t recognize that reality is dangerously naive.

    I already pay almost $2k a month in taxes out of my check, not including sales taxes, and the bottom line to me is that Obama is going to take more of my money and give it to people who don’t work their ass off the way I do. Nationalized health-care? Don’t want it, never have, never will. It will just be the people who are working their ass off (me) paying for a drain on society to get the same medical treatment as me. That’s not fair, that’s communism.

    I care about my money and I care about his “plan” for Iraq. With his current policy proposals, he could be my own brother and I still wouldn’t vote for his ass. Skin color has nothing to do with it.

  8. Obama? Says:

    Who cares if he’s liberal or conservative or red or white or black. Those aren’t reasons why he shouldn’t be president.

    The guy has never accomplished a single thing in his entire life to make America meaningfully safer or more prosperous.

    You show me an Obama supporter that can name 10 accomplishments of his that have moved the needle in a meaningful way to make America either safer or more prosperous, and I’ll show you a campaign worker.

    Hell, show me 5 things, and I’ll be shocked.

    Being against the War isn’t an accomplishment. It’s an opinion. Writing a book about Hope isn’t an accomplishment that betters America. It’s an accomplishment to better the author.

    The only reason that he’s even in the discussion is that President Bush is a complete and total failure of such totality that he essentially created the opportunity for someone like Obama to be president. That’s Bush’s true legacy. And it’ll outlast all of his other failings.

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