Kirby Smart Speaks

How can this be?! I thought Saban was a evil dictator bent on destroying the American lifestyle we all known and love?!

Did the new Alabama Defensive Coordinator really give his time to the Dothan Eagle? What might be even more shocking is the fact that it is a LOCAL NEWSPAPER!!!! Thanks to Crimson Reign on

With Saban in Tuscaloosa, Smart spent his May covering his recruiting territory.

“I did all the Wiregrass area, south Georgia, Gwinnett County in Atlanta and the Montgomery area,” Smart said.

It was easy to see the coach is eager for August.

“I can’t wait to get them in there,” Smart said. “It’s what we love to do. I like coaching. I like being on the grass. The recruiting’s not as much fun as the coaching. So you want to get back to coaching.”

Amazing, truly amazing. I guess Josh Moon, and all those radio hosts bouncing checks might have to find something else to complain about.

He’s humming his favorite George Michael song during this picture. FREEDOM!

In fact, he went so far as to point out that Saban let his assistant coach go out and represent UA without him:

Smart played in the event that will benefit the Hawk-Houston Boys and Girls Club of Dothan. It is part of the festivities leading to tonight’s induction ceremonies for the Wiregrass Sports Hall of Fame.

“Jimbo (Loftin) called me and said they were having a big event and asked if I’d come down and represent Alabama,” Smart said. “I said I’d love to. I went to coach Saban and he really wanted to do it — and jumped at the opportunity for me to play in it and represent the university.”

As for Saban, he’s been busy donating $1,000,000 for scholarships. But then again, we don’t have to send a photographer to show his good deeds.


One Response to “Kirby Smart Speaks”

  1. Coach Tony Franklin Says:

    Bow down to the “spread” Kirby Smart! 750+ yards and 125 points a game guaranteed. Or your money back. Ive even got testamonials to prove it!
    Doom and Gloom!!!! Its not to late to forfiet and avoid the embarassment! Do it now so that you want have to commit hari-kari by jumping on your sword in total defeat and humiliation later!

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