Alabama’s Answer to the Strip?

Based on recent happenings, it seems to be closing it down.

Yes, the University does own the leases for a number of locations on the strip. Today, it looks as though Cheap Shots is the one to close per the Tuscaloosa News:

University of Alabama administrators are kicking a bar off the Strip because bar owners did not keep up their space, according to a university spokeswoman.

The lease for Cheap Shots was not renewed, and the bar must be out by June 30, said Cathy Andreen, director of media relations.

“The university concluded Cheap Shots was not meeting the conditions of the lease, so the university opted not to renew the lease,” she said. “We expect our tenants to be sure that all these premises are in good order, repair and condition.”

Apparently a majority of the leases run out by 2010, so who knows what The Strip will look like come then. All I know is it won’t affect me too much. I may either be out of town working or still around going to Timmerson’s Square like I always do if I feel like going out. No word on The Legacy’s response.

A return to the 1960’s for The Strip?


13 Responses to “Alabama’s Answer to the Strip?”

  1. tidefanintn Says:

    It’s definitely going to affect me. I don’t want to take my children down on game days and have to say, “See that, kids? That Claire’s Boutique is where I met your mother.”

  2. TideDruid Says:

    Now that I think about it, this might affect T-Square more than I thought considering that’s the only other place with bars in Tuscaloosa. Migration!

  3. gerry dorsey Says:

    is there any way we can get rid of gallette’s??
    [sitting back and waiting to see if any frat daddy’s lash out at me]

  4. tidefanintn Says:

    You bring up another good point, TD. If they think Bama kids drink too much, forcing them to DRIVE to bars is a bad idea. I know not as many folks live within walking distance of campus anymore, but even fewer live within walking distance of downtown.

  5. Dave(not that one, the other one) Says:

    So Cheap Shots would be analagious to what bar from the 1990’s?

    The strip hasn’t been the same since they tore down the Kwik Snak….

  6. bamafrat Says:

    In no way whatsoever should Galette’s ever be removed from the strip. Just becasue you never went, or go, doesn’t mean that it should be done away with. It has become a gameday tradition for many alums’ to meet there and watch the game. Galette’s is a T-town institution and its doors should remain open as long as the schools’ do.

  7. gerry dorsey Says:

    dave cheap shots opened in the late 90s, but for the life of me i can’t remember what the hell it was before that. i know i’ll remember when i hear it, but i can’t think of it. it is right between what was once “vinyl solutions” and the tusk/venue/legacy.

  8. Dave(not that one, the other one) Says:

    That would be the Brass Monkey’s old spot then…

  9. gerry dorsey Says:

    oh, and i just noticed i missed bamafrat’s comment. thanks for being so predictable. i got news for you, the booth, the tusk, and the chukker were also “institutions” (depending on who you ask) and are now nothing more than memories.

    and i’ve been to gallette’s just enough times over the years to say that i have an informed opinion.

  10. MoonDog Says:

    When the article stated one of the bar’s “didn’t keep their space up” did that mean the outhouse wasn’t equipped with toilet paper?


  11. gerry dorsey Says:

    tennessee: the home of nuthin’ but classy bars

  12. Hot Link of the Day | The World According to MoonDog Says:

    […] The Tide Druid explains what’s happening to the T-Town Strip. […]

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