Computer Fall Down and Go BOOM!

Whatever was in the oven got burnt to a crisp it appears.

Sorry for not having anything recently, but I’ve been having one of those weeks. My internet has been spotty at best, and now I’ve lost most of what I had for a video I was trying to make. I’ll try to work on it some more, but I seriously doubt you’ll see it this week. So I would like to officially apologize to those of you who had your hopes up, but I will have something big on Friday to celebrate the official birthday of this blog!

Yes, in May of 2007 I decided to share my lazy writing style with the world. I’ll work on something for later today as to not feel like a total waste of space, so sit back and hang on.


2 Responses to “Computer Fall Down and Go BOOM!”

  1. tmc1 Says:

    same here… Mrs tmc1 spilled water on my laptop. I lost all of my really good links. (and everything else.) Now I am typing on her computer… I feel so…. violated.

  2. TideDruid Says:

    Computers are like new puppies… they’re really cool until liquid starts flowing out of them.

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