Monday…. Yep

I don’t have anything specific planned for today, so I figured I do the standard blog link dump.

Alabama baseball won a series in Athens, Georgia, thus securing a 5 seed in the SEC tournament in Hoover. While it is nice to have the tournament in Alabama, the 8pm start time may be of slight concern for ticket vendors considering it is on a week night. The good news is that Alabama scored 17 and 16 runs respectively in their two victories against the Bulldogs.

Alabama fans are getting their (our) crack back. Yes, Coca-Cola is coming back to Bryant-Denny Stadium for the next 10 years. Pepsi got the overall campus contract, but it appears that Coke got the athletics deal, which means you’ll still see plenty of both around Tuscaloosa.

For those of you who drink Coke because Coach Bryant liked it, then this should be a happy day for you. Personally, I’m happy, but that’s mostly due to the fact that I prefer Coke over Pepsi 9 times out of 10. There are rumors of some big set-up for the stadium come game time, but who knows what will actually happen.

Via The Capstone Report, it looks as though Tim Allen has interviewed for a position at Alabama. Sadly, it isn’t this guy, so my interested on this topic dropped ever so slightly. He used to work at Minnesota under the Mason coaching staff, which might depress those of us who had to endure that awful Music City Bowl.

Finally, go give the gentlemen from Roll Bama Roll a big pat on the back for their recent book deal. The book should be reaching book shelves in Alabama sometime this summer (I think), so get your Barnes and Noble discount cards ready, because goodness knows I am. Todd, Nico, and OTS work very hard, and I’m sure this thing will take off since they’ve shown themselves to be great writers time and time again.

Imagine it being like this, but replace the wizard gear with script A’s and elephant logos.


2 Responses to “Monday…. Yep”

  1. tmc1 Says:

    So it wasnt THAT Tim Allen… would have been cool if he could have taken the job and brought the guy from “Home Improvement” who always wore the flannel shirts… “AL”

  2. Todd Says:

    Actually, the wizard gear is surprisingly appropriate.

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