Why Be A Fan of Saban?

Because the guy is crazy nuts about football, which actually fits pretty well in this state. Here’s an old story from his Dolphin days:

Miami Dolphins coach Nick Saban planned to wait out Hurricane Wilma by watching game film at work. His wife said no.
Nick Saban, coaching against the Bucs on Oct. 16, rode out Hurricane Wilma at home. Now he and the Dolphins must get ready for the Saints in Baton Rouge, La., Sunday.

“I tried to escape yesterday before the wind started blowing so I could come here where we had a generator and watch film and work during the storm,” Saban said Tuesday at the team’s complex. “And Terry politely said, `If you leave the house now, I’m calling the cops and telling them to arrest you.’

“So that was basically the end of that.”

Is it Pete Carroll braves the back alleys at night awesome? No, but it is still cool if you’re an Alabama fan.

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2 Responses to “Why Be A Fan of Saban?”

  1. tmc1 Says:

    This guy wants to win… He doesnt think about winning as much as he thinks about the steps necessary and the things he needs to do to win… And that sounds like the recipe for success to me…..

  2. MoonDog Says:

    The other reason his wife wouldn’t let him leave the house was due to those angel wings he has. One gust of wind would have propelled him into the atmosphere.

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