Jack Crowe Likes Your Offer Mr. Robot Devil

In a unsurprising turn of events, Ryan Perrilloux is heading to Jacksonville State. What is a little bit surprising is the fact that Crowe now has permission to talk to two more players (AL.com):

Perrilloux also said that he had been in contact with two other high-profile players who were interested in transferring to JSU: UTEP wide receiver Fred Rouse and Clemson running back Ramon “Ray Ray” McElrathbey.

Crowe said he had received releases that would enable him to talk with both players and that he would do his “due diligence” to investigate both.

Seriously Jack, you’re willing to put all of your eggs with these 3 in order to save your job? I know there are rumblings of you being on the hot seat, but I’m not sure how two of these guys will work out for your locker room.

I am also curious about Crowe being the only coach with permission to speak to all three recruits. It makes you wonder.

If you win, you get 3 new recruits! If I win, You’ll only get a smaller silver fiddle, and I guess I’ll kill one of you… *points at Cocky the mascot*

To be fair, I’ve never heard anything about McElrathbey being a trouble maker, but I have heard plenty about Fred Rouse

Rouse began his career at Florida State but left the Seminoles after he and a teammate were charged in a burglary of another former teammate.

UTEP Coach Mike Price told the El Paso Times in March that “Fred will not be coming back for personal reasons and most likely will be going back to (his home) Florida. . . . Fred tried hard to make it work. It’s unfortunate that he’s not going to play for the Miners next year.”

Good luck with all of that Jack.


One Response to “Jack Crowe Likes Your Offer Mr. Robot Devil”

  1. tmc1 Says:

    Maybe Jack wants the reputation as the guy who “turns around the troubled athlete and makes them into a saintly winner” that CTT currently has …among Auburn fans.

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